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April 11

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Bawa Muhaiyadeen - BMF.org 1972 - 1985

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  • Well depends what you're looking at. Me I look right at him, I've followed his presidency very closely, and seen what he's tried to do, and it's all good things. Here's just one example, the tiniest example probably...to show how down to Earth and good he is...every night, he reads 10 letters from ordinary people, and answers them. Just to do that...with everything else on the plate, all that workload....to take the time, to sit and read these letters, and answer them....that just shows where his thinking is at. And you can tell, by seeing him and listening to him, he really cares about these people, he wants to help them. People can have whatever opinion they want, I will not waiver in my support of him...I know he's a good guy.

  • Drake's interview with David Wilcox on March 28, 2012 regarding Imminent
    Mass Arrests...audio (12 parts)

    Click to Listen

    What to Know, What to Do, and What Not to Do

    NOTE:  The above is an image or screen shot that was sent to us.  We apologize for the typographical errors, but are not responsible

    for them.  In the title, the word "Immenint" should be "Imminent" and in the first column where it speaks of "marshal" law, the word
    should be "martial"
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Henri left a comment for John Jancar
"I wonder that you include Obama as he has yet to do anything to indicate he is guided by light and love from my point of view.  I recommend bmf.org as he was my first significant guide.  I have moved on since then and have know way of knowing If I…"
Sep 11, 2012
Henri left a comment for Jose Ignacio Contreras
"Great video but how do I slow it for easier reading?"
Mar 22, 2012

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"Yes Sir/Madam big changes coming ..may get worse at first then get better ..part of detoxification of planet Earth and all living entities"
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Very interesting 
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"Not called an "Einstein Rosen" bridge.....But..........🌈 More like a rainbow bridge😇

8 hours ago
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"...provided that the star gates are not the so called Einstein-Rozen Bridges. This latter belongs to the same category as Von-Neumann Probes, Warp-Drives and other mainstream's hopeless concoctions. These might as well better belong in comedy rather…"
13 hours ago
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"Still waiting; note the current pres. is illegetimate and much of the brass is corrupt -it's rumored many of the brass have been bought off by the chicoms and or they are woke jokes-
§502. Enlistment oath: who may administer

(a) Enlistment…"
16 hours ago
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"RL-star gates-regular doorways and as large as air plane hangars-Musk can roll his rockets, etc. onto Mars and assemble there-then mine Phobos and Deimios -roll all equip needed to mine for water for oxegen and hydrogen bring other gasses from earth…"
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