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Hello Family of Light!

A message from Ashtar ,

Gathering on 16th of November 2013 on the Malieveld The Hague

We all incarnated Ashtar family are calling our space brothers and sisters a Welcome in our dimension on that day to show the Universe we mean it!

We need to gather to set the energy so a gate will open to let them come in our box of reality.

We want to ask you all to be there physical  or in thoughts.

Let us set the first step into the New World of Manifestation and create with our spacefamily all that release us from the chekcles of poverty and oppresion.

Let us FREE ourselfs and put a lot of energy in the moment on 12.00 hrs on 16th november coming now! 

Ashtar is telling me to do so a.s.a.p. I feel the energies and know my Heart is telling the truth.

Share this message and give a hand for the FREEDOM we desperately need!

In Love and Light from The Ashtar Command

And so it is.

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