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  • Dear Halana, thank you for your lovely message!

    <3 love!


  • Good luck with it all.

    Perhaps the trick is to continue working the connection to our own heart.

    And allow the ties to those around us sort themselves out as a natural consequence.

    Take care.

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  • Thank you so much Halana.

    Welcome to Ashtar Command Crew

    Hope you find your time on here extraordinary. :)


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Portland, ME


April 30

About Yourself

I feel like i have come out of a long daze....i am now 27 years old but for the past 25 years i feel like i've been exhaustingly trying to love people out of my own desire and heart for the mission of Jesus Christ...but my understandings and teachings were limited. When i was a child, i was in a meditative state a lot...very naturally. As the pains of life arose around my family, my ego started to take control of me more and i began to dislike people and withdraw. I spent 4 years in almost complete was in that period of time that i had to go through every single emotion,anger,hurt, failures,betrayl, what i've done and not done, etc. i had to really feel all of those emotions to be able to love again. I felt like i was not good enough for God, that no matter what i did i could never be "holy enough". I was comforted during those 4 years and was visited i'm sure of it, by many angels reminding me of my mission, reminding me of the "way of man" and that i do not need to do anything but share the love of the Creator of all that is with as many people as possible. To live a life of service to those lost souls that need our help....the ones that have been lied to and do not see the hope, they need us, need ME and i am now ready willing able and very much alive in the mission!!!

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

I have always felt a close connection with Jesus--Sananda. I feel it easy to talk with Him very often and He helps to guide me in the scriptures from the Bible and helps me to decipher how it is to be translated--since so many misunderstand. I feel like i have known Jesus and Ashtar for a longtime..although i now realize i use to get the two confused sometimes...this makes sense as to why i would sometimes see Jesus with piercing radiant blue eyes. I enjoy the readings of Eckhart Tolle,Dalai Lama, Buddha, and many others that want and live in peace and love for all. I am learning of more resources and appreciate any guidance in my spiritual development.

Halana Malia replied to hunter's discussion AN ATTRACTIVE SECRET
"Thank you for sharing this Hunter <3 It really touched my heart today. 
Love and blessings to you <3"
Apr 12, 2013
Halana Malia replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Lord Kalki: The Next Avatar of God  and the End of Kali-yuga.
"Many people here are focused on the "here and now". And the here and now is that there are in fact many who are focused on spreading the utmost amount of love and light while on this planet Earth. To worry about what is to come in another 10,000…"
Apr 12, 2013
Halana Malia commented on STAR*'s blog post Galactic Federation: The Truth About Greys &amp; The HUMAN Fear of Abduction! Fear is to be TRANSMUTED INTO Awareness and Expansion!
"Star, thank you for sharing this and shedding some light in this area. It's comforting and informative <3"
Apr 11, 2013
Halana Malia replied to Peter Panayiotis Karanikas's discussion Galactic Federation of Light The Angels April-06-2013
"This really resonates with me and sends me the answer to my prayers last night. I knew i had to give up expectations for greater intent and was struggling with letting go of a particular expectation in my partnership. This was exactly the message i…"
Apr 8, 2013

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