South Africa


July 22

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Have been awake and became increasingly aware since childhood ±7 yrs of age. Interests are ufo's, Galactic federation, ascension.

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  • Stay blessed Gustav!8113974874?profile=original

  • Hi Gustav...

    Long time no see you...

    Where you are?

    You do not miss me?


  • Hi Gustav....

    Nice picture...Thx...

    It is not ok with my health.....I tray to stay alive...


  • I know their plans....in detail....

    The Grays plan to invade this Earth(they are already hire from long time), and N.W.O

    prepare the Earth for them...A bargain it is a bargain...weapons and technology pay with

    us on the table...nasty little one....servant to their Masters.....and the N.W.O the devil in

    disguise ......

    But their work it will be their doom...



  • I will not stay and see the world to fall down.....

    It is my right to say something...and to act when the time come....

    yes i am a danger to them...but if they kill me ,others will finish my work...

    and i will return 1000 times stronger...


  • you want more?


  • See this picture.....the people lose their right......

    And this it is only the begin of the end...

    8113765276?profile=originalAnd outside of US it is even worse......

    They will take over the arabs states...like Egypt .,Libia and others by deceit and lies and False Flag Operation...and specials troops ops like unit Black Ops TF-373....The WAR begin....The War against US ALL.....

    N.W.O it is behind of every move up there...They will take over the puppet gov...

    They will do it like in my country...

    First make a fake Revolution...raised by "Controlers"......

    Second kill the internal and external Security of the state...

    Bring the I.M.F to kill the economy...If they refuse kill the president and others who stand against that...

    Kill the social services, the medical services and take the entire economy in foreign

    multinational corporate hands like US BECKTEL ....destabilize the entire state...

    This it is N.W.O.....Deceit and dead or enslave of people... Black Times come to us..



  •  I am not fool by them...and i will do my work until the end of this.....

    It is only one way.....FREEEDOOMMM..!...


  • See for yourself.....8109956095?profile=originalDo you think it will go with no fight?...I do not think so...

    see this to..

    8113764877?profile=originaland this to....

    8109954462?profile=originalThey said this very clear what they will do..


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Gustav Heindrich Schuman posted a video
sacred geometry, music - oliver shanti
Nov 2, 2020
Gustav Heindrich Schuman left a comment for Light Key
"Hi there light key how are you doing? did you hear of dearest Devi's passing, very sad. I don"t have any details."
Oct 24, 2016
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"Rest in peace my dearest friend."
Oct 24, 2016
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"A warm and hearty welco to our community☺"
Feb 28, 2015

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