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  • Gianni,

    Thank you so muh for your answer and kind words.

    I am addressing to you in English as it is easier for me. In fact, ho imparato gl'Italiano, la piu bella lingua, la lingua dello Spirito, but i do not speach or write it more than 20 years ago .

    Sory for my ignorance, but I do not know nothing about your experience with Arturians. Where can find out it? Here at Ashatar Command? I joined it recently.

    May I ask you a favour? If you know any person that is fluent in English wishing to translate Blossom Goodchild messages in Italian, would you be so kind to let me have his/her address?

    I am in search also of someone to translate Mike Quinsey's messages in French. I found out some of them translated in the German Pao site, but Eleisa is not translating anymore, I suppose,as I cannot see any translation of her anymore. It happens the same with the Swedish translations.

    Dear Gianni, my humble aim is to spread as much as possible Spirit messages in all available languages, and I got a wonderful team of volunteer translaters that are translating Federation of Light, Galactic Federation, Matthew in their native languages. They sent me their translations and I published them on blogs,

    I am delighted to know that you know Costanza personally. I do'nt. In fact I met her address from Magda Cermelli that ows and runs a nice site named

    I appreciate Costanza site very much, She is a wonderful person.

    If it suits you better get in touch by email my address is

    Once again I thank you very much for your answer that I appreciated very much indeed.

    In Love and Light
  • Ciao! Welcome my friend!

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"Dear Drekx Omega,
Sounds from water we have experienced many times with different sources.
A stream, A River, Fall from the Hieght...depending upon the quantity and force, If it's coming from the Ocean...
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"welcome to my city
Just klick on the Words there with the big Letters. Like HOME. All these are linked and you see pictures. Anyway if you Google for: Tea Kontor Wasserschloss (means Water Castel)"
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"On pinterest. (maybe need to have Account there to see)"
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"That video is an animation simulation, that approximates...The idea is to demonstrate ambience...The real location café is, "Dominique's," on number 19, S End Rd, Hampstead, in real life....I have been there during heavy rain, but did not film it,…"
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"This Video looks like from a Game. I will ask my Great Uncle, he lives in London."
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"Oh yes, we do have nice cozy cafés in London....I know of a good one in north west London, in Hampstead...Great when the rain is falling outside....

Like this vid....."
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"I coud sleep with this Sound."
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