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- Administration, Organization, Management. (Dr Civil Engineer, President and CEO of large Companies). - Painter (my site has more than 9300 of my paintings, among which many mandalas,). - Star seed with astral travels and contacts with people in other planets, (my site contains descriptions of these travels and information about the conditions in Earth in the fifth dimension, the interim period until 2012, and the necessary preparation to enter in the new Earth). - Healer, using (among other methods) cosmic energies such as Reiki. Seichim, SSR (my site contains the symbols and the methods of self – attunements in these energies for healing and keeping our vibration high). - Also healer using the sounds of the crystal bowls, to clean and activate your chakras, to improve the functions of your body, and to cure physical and mental illnesses. Member of the "Children of the Sun" and other 52 ning and other communities leading a group that using a global synchronized meditation via the “Crystalline Grid” transfers to our planet benevolent energies for peace and for the preparation of humanity to enter in the “fifth dimension”. (See my site www.artmine5000.com)

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  • kyrie koemtopoule sas hereto. apofasisa na gino melos sto side sas giati panta pisteva oti yparxoun exoginoi k panta kitaza ton ourano h pisteva oti kapios me akolouthi. meta apo mia episkepsi se kapio giatro edo stin kypro mou ipe oti ime indigo k pos ine sindedemenos mazi m enas angelos, afou me exi sindesi prota me mia syskevi pou exi. thelo na m dosete an mporite perisoteres plirofories gia to thema afto k ti prepi na kano
  • ehw diavasei oli tin istoselida sas kai eimai katenthousiasmeni, akouw tous ihous twn crustalwn kai genika psahnomai oso mporw alla de mou ftanei.. ti tha mporousa na kanw gia na afupnistw kai na erthw se epafi me tous guides i me exogiinous i estw me tis plirofories pou metaferei to fws? na ginw pio evaisthiti se erethismata? efharistw polu..
  • Hi George,

    Greetings of Love and Bliss to you and your family! I am honored to be your friend. My website is www.soulmategatherings.com and i am on Facebook as well. You are welcome to communicate with me if you wish about creating a Shambhala Community in your area that is free of the system. In Divine Friendship, Daniel Neskovich
  • Wonderful writings
    Wonderful paintings
    Thank you
    I'm enjoying the new and very strong feeling of contact...
    Love Karen
  • euxaristw g to add :-))) namaste (yparxoun mipws ellinika grups autou t tupou??..epsaksa arketa alla dn brhka tpt :-( ) love and light with you++++++++
  • Thank you for accepting my invite....
    Love and Light to you...
  • Hi George...
    Thanx for adding me...Yes, i agree about optimism and positive thinking...but this does not mean that i believe necessarily to all the stuff i read or hear in the internet...
    I am open to anything, and i never set anything in "stone'...it may happen,it may not...
    But i'm not disappointed also, cause i don't have any high hopes for anything to happen..i don't have any expectations...so its ok... ;)

    Lots of Blessings....take care always!

    p.s.. lol means "Laugh-Out-Loud"... :))
  • Dearest George, Solar Brother,

    Thank you. A pleasure and a Joy to be hre sharing this path of Love and Light. We are going home.

    Embrace from the centre of my heart

    Ek Baalam
  • Thank You for your friendship :-)

  • YAMAS !
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INTRODUCTION. Before you fall into the trap that the dark forces that govern and dominate our planet (Illouminati, billionaires, bankers, politicians, etc.), have set up for us, and accept (you and your family) to do the swine flu vaccine, you…
Sep 21, 2009
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"Dear Kimmie unfortunately I do not have any information about it. I hope it will be interesting. Love and Joy. George"
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"Dear Vangelis open your heart and you will believe all these. Greeks are always skeptical with metaphysical subjects. Be an exception and feel optimistic and joyful, which is after all good for your health. By the way what “lol” means? Love and Joy.…"
Jun 22, 2009

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"Can you clarify which "UFO contact" source you use, as it does not seem realiably genuine to me....I receive data directly from the Sirians and sometimes the Plejarens....I also can vouch for the veracity of both Sheldan Nidle's material, as well as…"
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"I got the information that people can no longer achieve a 12-fold DNA double helix from space brothers who shared this with some people during a so-called UFO contact.

I read the info about the space brothers living in the deep sea somewhere. Could…"
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"𝒮𝒜𝒩 不滅 Have you never heard of Agartha...?? Of course there are advanced spaceships on Earth...There are GFL ships in a Command Base near Shamballa, also....They live under the sea, not in the sea...But they travel through the sea all the time...…"
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"The reason Ashtar Command is here. There are no spaceships on SHAN/EARTH/TERRA. If humans or reptilians had invested the mental energy they invested in building fighter jets in building spaceships, it would be possible for humans to ascend to the…"
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"This could have been a certain way of 'arresting' lighting. Note that touching things anyhowly was said to kill pple!

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