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  • Hello Geoffrey,all is well with me...thanks for asking.I love you my brother.Hang in there.8113982690?profile=original8114018058?profile=original8114022887?profile=originalStay blessed!

  • Hey there GeoDudeExtraordinaire, thanks for the friend request. It's so great to meet like-minded people. I'm feelin' your music ;) Peace <3
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Houston, TX


September 22

About Yourself

Hi. My name's Geoffrey - as if you haven't figured that out. Hahaha. :D I'm a very open and outgoing person, I've partaken in my theatre troupe for three years now, and am known as the "best actor" in my school according to my peers and teachers, I see it, but I don't think I'm worthy for that sort of title yet. Haha. I am very reasonable and can have some really dramatic moods due to misunderstanding someone or just certain situations. But all in all, I'm the peacekeeper in the group. Haha. I don't like drama. :] I tend to not notice, however, when I talk too much and either hurt someone's feelings, or get completely misunderstood. Maybe it's just a malfunction? x-X Well anyways, I'm a man of metaphors and similes at times, and I try really hard to get a good laugh out of things, no matter how bad they may seem. :] ++Warning: Personal Information (Because I'm just that open)++ My father passed away when I was 12 on the 05 - 06 New Year. I have also lost my older half-sister, whom I cared for just as much as immediate family. I share this with anyone, sometimes randomly, just because I feel like it's a good thing to stay open about things that still affect you to this day. At least for me. Haha. :D I'm hoping to meet some really good people on here, and if it comes to it, one day, I'd love to meet some of them. :] This whole concept has changed my life entirely for the better, and I expect only more good things to come. Peace, Love, and all the above. - Geoffrey

GeoDudeExtraordinaire left a comment for Ranthom
"Hello there! :D It's been a long time since we last spoke! I wanted to see how you were doing; I pray everything is fascinating and enjoyable for you. :] I can definitely say your guidance in the past has sent me on a spiritually awakening path that…"
Mar 5, 2012
GeoDudeExtraordinaire left a comment for Christa
"Hey Christa, :DThanks for the comment. I'm glad you like the music. :] Hehe.I like your style. ;D Lol.Take care!"
Jun 9, 2011
GeoDudeExtraordinaire replied to Ben-Arion's discussion Earthships: Self-Sustaining Homes
"It's all blocked now. :/ I wonder why..."
May 30, 2011
GeoDudeExtraordinaire replied to Barron's discussion Starpeople, walkins, Indigo, crystal
"This is a really interesting question - I would love to answer it. However, I haven't necessarily reached that level of consciousness to find out where I came from, where I'm going, or who else is like me. All I do know is that, at this moment, I…"
May 27, 2011

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 Jesus Was a Mystic and Used White Magic The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance. Blessings Beautiful Family of Light, Today I am being Guided By Christos to expose the Truth of his Time as a Human on this Planet.…
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"good to know there is a "network" of starseeds who are active with the GFL on the ground, it has maybe really already happened in the higher dimensions and has only to materialize here at our level ;) have a great weekend my friend"
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