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Today's been a good day! I feel my heart & mind & stomach glowing again. I feel the energy of my ascension from last year in February. I am becoming sensitive to my environment. I must figure out how to deal with all the excess energy. I send it to trees & Earth for healing. I am a bit worried that i may not be able put off the glow of my light body.
I am hoping to last long enough for love to be in my circle. I know if i don't experience love my star family will take me home. They know how much suffering from inhumane abuse i have had. Frustrates me a bit with the fragmented soul i have from PTSD. I am coping well & are doing my best to stay in the light of love.
My birds i commune with are so cool. I love them all. Every day they speak to me. Fly over my head. I will start to take some pick s or maybe a video of them.
I am very happy my head concussion is healing. I was hit because my aura was so bright it scared some people.
I saw William Henry's Star gate Egypt ascension. Its all true. I know he said in 2016 that Buddha walked the silk road to learn off the mystic Essene, Annunaki& Egyptians in ancient Egypt. I am certain the plant used by Egyptians for ascension came from India. & i theorise that Buddha learnt this & walked to Egypt to learn how to use it.

Have a good day!

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