September 8

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I love this world and humans, animals, the expanses of space and the stars:) I feel deep heart relationship with humanity and my light family, this happened recently and since then I am very happy, do not feel more loneliness and love in the heart continues to rise, I bless all the precious Adonai

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Dalai Lama XIV, N.V. Wolmer, Babaji, Alaje

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  • wonderful message from our brothers Pleiadians...
  • Dear Ganga, I send you my Blessings to you and wish you an Inspirational Experience each and Everyday...
    Love Comments & Graphics
    ~Magickal Graphics~
    Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun xx
  • Dear Ganga...
    Happy Easter Comments
    Light, Love and Peace to aLL we are ONE...Chichieun
  • Dear Ganga, Life on this planet is like a Giant Scientific Experiment. We chose to come here and forgot, the meaning of our existence, if only for a while, it seems like Aeons have passed through through linear time. Until a stir of frequencies and a shift in planetary positions, we will once again regain what was dormant. Not forgotten but in slumber until the moment you are ready to remember. There are times when it seems that life is a challenge. But we must look into our Hearts and reflect upon our present situation and life circumstances which we alone have created. That is when Miracles occur in the NOW. As we regain our full interaction with our environment and what was forgotten, but never lost. I send you ALL my Blessings of the Highest Order...Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun

  • so do you like this new picture on the Ashtar website?....can it be used for the Cosmic Christ website???
    ........I invited you to be a friend again..............
  • waves of bliss from me to you...........
  • No:( i don't. I remember name of srteet~~~Donilajtisa? I wish you nice time here!!~~~~Hayao Miyazaki is one of my favorite Japanese filmmaker!! His later film, Spirited Away, was the first anime film to win an Academy Award. Howl's Moving Castle was also nominated but did not receive the award. I like them ALL :))
  • Thank you so much for adding me to your friends. And welcome to Ashtar. This is a fun and lovefilled place where there is so much to share and learn. It is wonderful that we are never alone on the journey to the devine and that we have so much love to share with one another. I look forward to getting to know you better through the sharing and caring here. Have a wonderful weekend full of light and truth and discovery.

    We are all one in love


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Ganga replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion What Actually Happens On December 21, 2012 – Some Thoughts…
"I agree :D :D "
Nov 11, 2012
Ganga commented on Hugo Arion StarVega's photo
"Very nice photo ... and some angels are here *:-)
love and Light to You my Frend"
Feb 17, 2011
Ganga left a comment for Ganga
"wonderful message from our brothers Pleiadians...
Sep 8, 2010
Ganga left a comment for Tambor Solana
"My beloved Solana, I'm happy to see you here again!
Big Love"
Sep 7, 2010

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""Awaken all who slumber....!!" ❤️A message from Lady Kalestra.....

2 hours ago
Drekx Omega replied to Ivy Ivy's discussion Galactic Languages in Starseeds from Sirius
"Kalestra is one of the wisest and most beautiful off-worlders, that I'm honoured to know......I will always be grateful for her presence and council....She AWAKENS us all, to our true roots.....🤗
Claude Bolling - Main Title [The Awakening, Original…"
2 hours ago
ET Hugger replied to Ivy Ivy's discussion Galactic Languages in Starseeds from Sirius
"I read the channeling. I thought the Sirian phrase may have been copied from one of Sheldan's older messages. Apparently not.
I have a thing for languages so I find these galactic languages interesting.
Hebrew has much in common with the Plejaren…"
2 hours ago
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"As if they can do anything about it! Ridiculous, this so-called dark silk!
2 hours ago
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"The moon has risen,
The golden little stars shine
Bright and clear in the sky.
The forest stands black and silent,
And rises from the meadows
The white fog wonderful.

How is the world so quiet
And in the twilight shell
So trusting and so sweet
As a…"
3 hours ago
不滅の魂 - 天使 left a comment on Comment Wall
"Today I feel loved. My heart is happy for no reason. I see the leaves falling in autumn and smell like the leaves from the garden. I feel the warm sunshine and I feel people loving each other. I see how the sun bathes everything in a glowing light.…"
3 hours ago
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"Also check this video with English subtitles: https://twitter.com/KimDotcom/status/1578103191874711552"
3 hours ago