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August 22

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I am a sister of light, seeking peace and god.

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Michel , Sananda, Satya Sai Baba, Mary, Metatron, Carl Sagan & others.

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Flavia LB replied to Cortex's discussion GIANT UFO UPDATE (HD) OCTOBER 15TH 2010 A.D
"My friend,
They are coming , they need us .
Thank you so much , i love you"
Oct 15, 2010
Flavia LB posted a blog post
Current Portal 10 October 2010Alignment of the day 10/10/2010"Hello friends and students.I was asked by the Masters of the galactic center and the Hierarchy of Masters Road From White Brotherhood and the temples and internal Agartha Samballa…
Sep 23, 2010
Flavia LB left a comment for Jose Ignacio Contreras
"Golden Amulet"
Mar 15, 2010
Flavia LB posted a discussion
Text in SpanishNos llamamos pleyadianos.docx
Mar 15, 2010

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"I never use air conditioning in my home, which was so well built and designed, by Victorian architects and workmen, that in summer, it's cool and very nice to live in...In winter, I do need the gas central heating and electricity, to keep a good…"
3 minutes ago
RichRaelian left a comment on Music for your soul.
"Hi Drekx! Your right I'm the most childish member on this site and my age is zero and so far I've enjoyed our conversations based on silence together goodbye my unfriend."
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"I mean Greta Thunberg actually OUT lol Doing something, to try and stop the pollution lol The environmental destruction, she's putting herself out there lol And what are YOU doing, jack diddly SQUAT lol That's wtf you doing lol

She's out, putting…"
5 hours ago
John Jancar left a comment on Comment Wall
"You couldn't ESCAPE the heat lol This summer, and if you actually got out of your air conditioned houses and went outside lol You'd feel that.

I mean you can literally feel it, yet ppl, ohhh it's a myth lol Global warming is a myth lol We can…"
6 hours ago
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"Yea shame on you, and your mom lol Your MOM mfers, and tell her I'll see her tonight lol And get my pancakes ready lol

I mean is the fact we've had like the hottest summer on record lol All over the world, records were broken lol In 2023, I mean is…"
6 hours ago
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"AINT THAT RIGHT, you 2 IQ mfers lol You FOX News mfers lol Parrot them FOX News points lol

No courage to face the truth lol No courage to change, even like going electric lol No courage to improve. Do the same shit every frickin day, while taking…"
6 hours ago
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"Yea whatever, you all should be ashamed of yourselves lol You really should, and if I was in front of you, I'd slap the shit out of every one of you lol Boom boom lol

How is IT, people can pretend they're so smart lol And yet be so frickin stupid,…"
6 hours ago
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"Lisa, good to see you are alive ... ;))"
7 hours ago