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    Discover true freedom by living authentically! ~Dave

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  • Fernanda,  Really nice photos, I liked the one with the Federation ship alongside the planet.  When I was small, I used to dream about spaceships and visitors, Slowly drew away from that "childish" stuff and now I guess it's time to discover their reality once more!  Also, you have a very attractive smile.    Dave.

  • Hello dear Fernanda,

    I live in France and i would like to know if you speak french. Thank you for answer

  • Yes, I am interested in Merkabah. And think Drunvalo Melchizedek books of FLOWER OF LIFE I AND II is very good!
  • Thanks Fernanda for be my Friend,
    i'm so happy,
    Unconditional Love & Light
  • Thank you for the friend request, as you may know I am new to this site, and is very grateful for the warm welcomings !
    So thank you once again,
    Peace and Love to you!


  • Beautiful Web Site
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Fernanda posted videos
Nov 2, 2020
Fernanda left a comment for Bellahcene Rabire
"Bienvenu sur ce site !
Je parles aussi le français mais ma langue maternelle est l'anglais .
Je vis actuellement, mais pour peu de temps encore en Suisse Romande où l'on parle le français.
Peace & Blessings Your Way"
Jan 29, 2010
Fernanda commented on Daytuner's video
"wonderful !
Thank you !"
Sep 23, 2009
Fernanda left a comment on Mayan 2012 and Beyond
"I really trust Drunvalo's Melchizedek's version , his is in contact with the highest Maya leader . I went to his workshop, in July 09 in Sedona and where he teaches practically how to BE, and what to do to prepare for the shift.
I recommend you…"
Sep 14, 2009

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"I followed his "updates" some 16 years ago and now I'm observing the Iraqi Dinar revaluation folks and the RV folks started talking about some gold treaty and Chinese elders so I had to bring it up. LOL
I think we have to check our worldview…"
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"I hope that those without an X account can see this video.

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"There is good in waffling too, it can be used to release stuck energies and illusions. This will eventually clear the mind 💡"
12 hours ago
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"That's true...!! David's skill is the art of waffle-talk...sounds good to some, but others see right through it....LOL✨✨✨"
12 hours ago