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I've studied and observed most of the systems that are currently, and sometimes infinitely, in operation on the planet earth and within the fractional field of the known receivable universe. I've learned and re-learned and still learn, through emergence and grace. I've seen and have been seen and still see, through light and sound. I think and feel and exist, through honesty and love. That is the purpose of our existence, intimate experience with all. To live as one with all things of consciousness, seen and unseen, heard and unheard, loved and unloved.... until we find balance and harmony within ourselves, within the universe, and within all life.
FACT: An atom does not exist until it is observed.
FEEDTHEFIRE.FILMS primary intent is to inspire the creation of & provide "Educational Art" through audio/visual light & sound. Their secondary intent is merely to provoke empathetic, rational, critical thought & creativity within humanity. Although, FEEDTHEFIRE.FILMS should not be thought of as an "Educator"... rather an "Artistic" Information provider... the material provided within these creations is always rooted in accuracy & very well researched facts. Just remember, the choices you make are always yours. FEEDTHEFIRE.FILMS chooses to create & share what they feel is important "useful knowledge & wisdom" in an attempt to help bring peace & harmony to all life throughout the universe. Thank You for Supporting FEEDTHEFIRE.FILMS.
"To argue with a man who has renounced his reason is like giving medicine to the dead." - Thomas Paine

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Krishna Kalki replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Lewis Hamilton Must Be Banned From Motor Racing For Life
"He made all the drivers and viewers put up with corrupt Black Lives Matter so out he must go and totally banned from all race tracks"
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Layra444 commented on Drekx Omega's blog post Violet Eyes...? - It's A Bit Shocking, But Interesting
"Amazing experienced. 1972 to 1974 Earth was placed in a suspended reality. Ive watched his video. I was born during that time 🥰. And we experienced things we cant explain in words and we cant explain why or how :D great times to be on Earth."
4 hours ago
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"I recheck the image again, and i realized there is a difference between Omega and Libra symbol. The libra has a line on the bottom. Now i know the symbol that appeared in my crown chakra is Omega not Libra, because it has no line at the bottom.…"
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"To raise my frequency as well as the Planet. But i was surprised and grateful to be given a gift to be able to have glimpses of other realities and dimensions while in meditative state. Its so beautiful in other dimensions, vibrant colors... its…"
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Krishna Kalki replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Lewis Hamilton Must Be Banned From Motor Racing For Life
"Lewis Hamilton must be totally banned from motor racing ..must not be allowed on any motor racing tracks throughout the world ..the ignorant person brought corrupt Black Lives Matter into sports ..he should have done his protest at his home not on…"
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World Chocolate Day is on 7th July 2022 https://nationaltoday.com/world-chocolate-day/#world-chocolate-day-... FOR ALL CHOCOLATE RETAILERS TO DISPLAY THEIR CHOCOLATES ON SPECIAL OFFER AND CLEAR ALL YOUR STOCK SO THEN YOU GET FRESH NEW…
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