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    Peace and Love

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  • Thank you for your request, I am honored to be your friend, blessings in this auspicious holiday season solstice.
  • You are very welcome! And welcome, to spiritual awakening! Blessed Be!
  • HI THERE ;-)



  • Dearest-happily accept your offer of friendship!!! Much Love and Light.Namaste
  • dear farmer white,thankyou for your friendship,and sending you blessings for a very merry xmas and a happy new year,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)8113718073?profile=original

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  • Thank you for your friendship !


  • Hi Farmer welcome
    I have been to India and stayed there for a while . I was born and am living now in Boston.
    Ask me about India sometime.......
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New York, NY


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Dec 21, 2010

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"The greatest love/kindness/safety/respect/care ultimately comes from truth. Again, Lightworkers have a responsibility to point out harmful influences, including what amounts to out and out prejudice and lies."
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"The planet's vibration is already raised. It's the collective vibration that is catching up, to come into sync with the Ascended Earth.
Disengaging isn't necessarily the way to go, I agree Loki (though for some it might be, depends on soul plans…"
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"The planet's vibration isn't going to be raised without our collective, concentrated effort to eradicate negative energies and influences. In my experience, most attempts to get others to disengage from politics are disingenuous - most people have…"
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"Hi Nick, thanks for your words: "Only response we can give is living in the now and showing others the same. That could be helping somebody, making somebody laugh or acts of kindness. These little ripples can create the largest currents".

So true,…"
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