April 14

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I am 18 year's old i follow the Wiccan religion and am had also mix it whit Budisme and a bit Hinduisme My chaker's Root Chakra is Weak Sacral Chakra is clossed Personal Power Chakra is Weak Heart Chakra is Clossed Throat Chakra is Strong Intuitive Chakra is Weak Crown Chakra is Strong I really wish to improve my chakra's I am seen as a High priest here at my afterschool, when people see or hear wierd things they can't explain they turn to my ofcurses i also make sure to see things locigal to make sure if this may not just had been something like they own shadow or reflex from a lightning sourse:)

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  • oh wow, u mustve missed me off ya list LOL


  • 8114180676?profile=original8114181859?profile=original:~)

  • thanks for accepting!!  :)8114155893?profile=original

  • Hello Brother,all is well with me...thanks for asking.8108579499?profile=original8114050494?profile=originalStay well and stay blessed my brother...my friend.Happy Birthday!

  • thank you so much for the warm and loving welcome light and love to you all

  • Hello there! Thanks for wellcome. All the best

  • I love you back Little Brother,8114047682?profile=original8114044070?profile=original8113976271?profile=original8113982690?profile=original

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"You really sound like an extremist... -.-"
Feb 20, 2014
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"I'm learning the Russian language, and it's my dream to move to Sevastopol<3

Really i can speak Russian правда :-)

P.S Is there anyone here who i can practice my Russian on?"
Jan 24, 2013
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"What an amazing story<3"
Dec 22, 2012

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