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May 24

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Finding more about the planet I lived on in the past. Understanding how powerful I really am. And knowing what my purpose is and why was I given the powers I have . Also I want to know why my memory of past life was not taken away from me. Why did I get reminded about it since I was a small child.

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I am still looking for this

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    Divine Mantra of Ashtar Sheran and Lord Gorloj - YouTube

  • Eric ;)


  • 8114391888?profile=originalLOVE LIGHT BLESSINGS ALWAYS TO YOU EVE.

  • dear Eric Angel, today here is a monday,and i awoke to see the landscape with rainfall, which is needed here,as we have had very little the past few weeks,we have had 10 mil so far,so a true blessing indeed.thankyou for your email and thoughtfulness i received this morning,you will always be a dear soul brother to me.it is a monday here today,so i send to you, trillions & trillions of coloured light rays for a very blessed day,and a very blessed week,have a very blessed one,love,light,blessings eve.8114037052?profile=originalSome Beautiful RainFall.8113994062?profile=original8114340457?profile=original

  • dear Eric Angel,sending you trillions,& trillions of love &light to surround you,and to have a very blessed week,have a very,very,blessed one dear soul brother,love,light,blessings eve.8114689861?profile=original8114448280?profile=originalYOU HAVE A LOVING DIAMOND HEART SOUL BROTHER,BLESSINGS EVE.

  • symbols ... hope it's will help






    Adinkra Symbols of West Africa
    An illustrated guide to the African symbols called Adinkra used in Ghana, West Africa, with an adinkra index and high-quality adinkra images.
  • How are you holding up Brother ... when you go the the battle be prepare for the battle ... ;) you know what i mean ... (well it's figuratively speaking of course or not ... ;))

    inner peace and lots of energy to you Eric ... ;)

  • dear Eric Angel, thankyou for the beautiful image you sent to me by email,i absolutely adore it, i am going to share it with others on another site if you dont mind,your soul heart is very deep with universal love,i know now with 100% now.as for the knockers you have endured on this site,you are very couragous,and brave, and a true soul heart indeed.sending you many,many,rays of light to surround you,have a very blessed day,love,light,blessings eve.8113750261?profile=original8114391888?profile=original

  • 8110719474?profile=original

  • dear Eric Angel,sending you trillions & trillions of light rays across the land and seas from Australia for a very blessed day,have a very blessed one,love,light,blessings eve.8113771670?profile=original8113867294?profile=original

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Eric Angel posted a video
Did you ever wonder if you were an Earth Angel? In this video I describe some of the traits of an Earth Angel some of these came from the book "Earth Angels"...
Nov 2, 2020
Eric Angel posted a discussion
Hello everyone! I just want to know if anyone knows any symbols associated with the Ashtar command , or anytype of space/ ancient symbols. I'm looking to make a group logo and I still haven't found the it factor. Post or email me personally, please.…
Jun 12, 2013
Eric Angel posted a discussion
I need to know if there is anyone like me on here. I have had vivid memories and flashbacks of living on another planet. As far as I know everyone look human like. There was also a great war in the sky. There were thousands of ships in this war. My…
Jun 10, 2013

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"I used Dr. Berg’s Keto calculator. Because I want to gain weight would it be better to use more protein than I’m eating on a daily basis instead of fats for now? It seems easier to add an extra egg here and than to figure out which oil/fats I like.…"
7 minutes ago
ET Hugger replied to ET Hugger's discussion Good Food Talk
"I always check reviews, read other people’s experiences before trying anything new.

Different body types and levels of health also make a difference.

Also, hormones after pregnancy can go wobbly. So maybe she should puck less intense…"
31 minutes ago
ET Hugger replied to ET Hugger's discussion Good Food Talk
"I googled it, but never tried it. I’ve used some plant/root/herb based ‘medication’ throughout the years. I always take less than recommended. If it’s a capsule I mixed it in a drink (tea/water/juice) Teas are easier to water down.

I remember using…"
36 minutes ago
Drekx Omega replied to ET Hugger's discussion Good Food Talk
"Yes I find that if I'm fully satiated, with saturated fats I can fast longer...There are fats we can add to all the things already mentioned, to aid us in prolonging the fast....(I do a 21-hour fast.) And from my experiences I can recommend foods…"
1 hour ago
Drekx Omega replied to ET Hugger's discussion Good Food Talk
"Have you ever taken a root extract called ashwagandha...?? You can get it in pill form and Movella tried it and found it put her on edge...So she stopped taking them and gave me the bottle, asked me to try it out, if I want to and see if it effects…"
1 hour ago
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"Glad you guys enjoyed watching the Afghan vid.....It opens up hearts and minds to the truism, that essentially, human beings are ONE....We may have differing customs, languages, histories, cultures, beliefs, races, political systems, etc, but that…"
5 hours ago
Love & Joy posted a discussion in Divine Upliftment For Spiritual Growth & Ascension
 ...Taking The Next Steps To God ConsciousnessBy Christine Day & The PleiadiansPleiadian Article From September 2022 Beloved ones we greet you,You are being called forward within the vast spectrum of God consciousness light to begin to enter and…
6 hours ago
ET Hugger replied to ET Hugger's discussion Good Food Talk
"Food wisdom: when we eat more saturated fats, we have less food cravings, thus less cravings for carbs and sugar.

This data comes from Dr. Berg and he is right.

Fats, protein and carbs all fill up, but we should pick the healthiest options.

13 hours ago