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June 19

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commander doofus is primarily interested in the nature of consciousness, but entertains studies in various fields. included amongst these are physics, biochemistry, radionics, music, electronics, liberal arts in general and other rather arcane diversions.

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commander doofus was pleased to meet with e stanley jones, a christian missionary who spent much time in India. mr jones directed him to the teachings of jesus of nazereth. having noted that all major religions teach the same principles, the commander nontheless thought it best to be identified as a follower of jesus, as that was the most accessable route to spiritual truth for those amongst whom he found himself. commander doofus commonly identifies himself as a kierkegaardian subjectivist and a monotheist, but with recognition that such words can scarcely contain transcendant concepts.

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  • I love you Emil Doofus!  Happy Loving summer solstice!

    Wouln't you like to be free eternally ?
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Emil Doofus replied to Semile's discussion Detachment and Being Detached
"thanks for sharing this. i should like to mention two practices which i found quite liberating.
first, forgive veryone. (just keep telling yourself you can do this)
second, be grateful for the good things in life and substitute thoughts of them for…"
Mar 7, 2012
Emil Doofus replied to Anthony's discussion EARTHQUAKES - LAST WEEK - Updates
"http://www.iris.edu/seismon/ is a good site
i also keep an eye on http://n3kl.org/
Oct 5, 2011
Emil Doofus replied to Reikara's discussion Radio Transmission From Elenin Picked Up By Cali Radio Telescopes
"a most interesting post. thanks.
any idea of the frequency(s) where this was intercepted?
 as for "G pulse"....i gotta google...."
Sep 6, 2011
Emil Doofus replied to MGem80's discussion Teaching myself to play the guitar! =)
"now all you need is "D" and you are pretty much ready to rock, eh?
might as well learn A minor too. it's easy. same goes for D7.
the B chord is not easy at first, but it will prove worth the effort to learn it.
after that, i'd work on "G" and "C"..…"
Sep 6, 2011

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"this considered to be the clearest UFO photo ever released (September 4, 1971, Costa Rica)
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"The numbers of Victims after the earthquake in Turkey rises to 11,000."
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"2023 Cobra Interview on Goddess Temple Project by WLMM, IGAG and Japan Prepare for Change Official
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"Yes, Ben-Arion, it's okay. Good to see Ashtar Sheran."
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"New design at the TOP of the website =) Hope you like it! It´s under construction, so i may change it again until i am 100% happy with it! *peace*"
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"Ordered at Ali Express 🎈"
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