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March 13

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For the past seven years, I have been working with the Ashtar Command in the Ground Crew, the Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters, the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds, and the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization. I have been trained in Healing Techniques by Ashtar, Lord Arcturus, and Dr. Lorphan of Sirius for the past three years, and I have completed coursework from the I Am University and Interplanetary Starseed School. As our Sisters and Brothers of Light assist us with Planetary and Cosmic Ascension, I am blessed with the ability to channel Galactics and Ascended Masters, as well as Archangels. Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command, have asked me to work with him in order that he may speak directly to those who seek knowledge and assistance in Ascension. Ashtar has also asked me to provide on www.cosmicascension.com—free of charge to ALL—the Self-Healing techniques that he and the Galactic Masters have shared with me. These Self-Healing techniques are well proven ones that have been brought through by other channels through the years and have been published on the internet. These are the ones I've used for years and h e asked me to share them here with you as well. For it is now time for individuals to understand that THEY are the empowered one. It's time for autonomy over one's own body and healing. As religion has taught the masses to be fearful of their own abilities to connect with Higher Powers, I am often asked: "How do you know you are connecting with a Christed Being, Ascended Master, Angel, or Galactic? How can you tell that it is not an entity of a lower vibration?" And, I tell them this...every Archangel has its own Soul Signature. As one connects, th e Angels will teach you their individual vibration, their Soul Signature. The connection engenders that of such joy that I am often moved to tears from the love of that vibration. There is no fear...there is only love. Once one begins to recognize those Soul Signatures there can be no doubt. Connecting with Galactics is quite different. And in my connecting with them, I have the gift of Inner Sight. I can actually SEE them with my third eye. Sometimes is as clear as a movie picture; other times I may only see the Light Body. When I "travel" somewhere, I SEE it in detail. This gift was given me after I asked for it with all my Heart and it has increased in its intensity over time through years of concentrated training. It is important for all to understand at this time that EVERY ONE OF US is capable of realizing our gifts, our siddhis. The key is to dedicate your Self on the Inner Planes for Spiritual Service and ask for Training from the Masters in the Sleep State. You may also request to bring back the memory of doing this when you awaken every morning. ~Elizabeth Trutwin 9 April 2010

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  • hold me informed about the convent in wash., they blocked my yahoo account, love allinone

  • Hi Beth,

    Glad to see you here. I've tried your gmail email and it no longer goes through. I was advised by pay pal to call you but the number they gave me doesn't work. I purchased a book from you for $39 and could not get through to the merchant: Cosmic Ascension.I thought it was a hard book but it was an ebook and I have no way of printing out 2,000 pages. Any way you can help me with the refund through Pay Pal.

    Thank you, Beth.

    Arlene Paiva

  • Dear Elizabeth, The warmest welcome to you to the Ashtar Command Crew. It seems that you are here in loving guidance. Come by my page and if it resonates with you please add me as a friend...Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun

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Elizabeth Trutwin posted a blog post
Archangel Michael:Greetings.This is Lord Michael.As the Maitreya returns to Earth, he brings a message of Love, caring for One another, and sharing everything with Each Other. He does not ask you ‘Follow” him. He invites all on Earth, those who have…
Apr 23, 2010

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