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  • LOVELY.....
  • How can one attain peace!
    Sunday, January 4, 2009 at 4:03pm | Edit Note | Delete
    It's nice to meet you and have your association so let's prevent drops ofnectar from ever drying up by throwing it to the ocean of loving devotion and upon reflection we are going to treat the disease that is causing the entire world to suffer.In today`s world,it is indeed we who generate our own endless desires and feelings of scarcity which are the root of our own vociferous complaints.So what is the solution to all problems and "HOW CAN ONE ATTAIN PEACE" in the world of constant struggle filled with restlessness and fear? Observing ocean we have seen that although countless rivers flow into it,ocean never overflows!.Similarly,various desires flow into the mind of one who is fixed in transcendence,yet his equilibrium is never disturbed.Such a person alone can attain peace,not he who strives always to fulfill his desires.Here fixed in transcendence means exactly the one who is "completely surrender" to Sri GURU! Why? Because that supreme creator and maintainer can be fined in this the heart of Sri Guru.True him you can link yourself with supreme-self.and with loving devotion we can understood that our actual perception of ourselves has awakened fully. At that time we can execute our duty properly and all problems of the world can be resolved!! in service Markandeyarishi das - This website is for sale! - suffer Resources and Information.
    This website is for sale! is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. From general topics to more of what…

  • Much love for you my beautiful friend
  • How sweet! Thank you so much! I look forward to knowing you better.
  • Thanks and happy holidays to you too! :)

    Love and Light!
  • Dearest Elisabetta, thank you for sending me the video of the Israli young adults who are consciensius objectors. Is there a letter somewhere I can sign? It is so sad that they'd be jailed for not wanting to be soldiers. This touched my heart deeply. I pray every night that there will be peace -- that all military souls in whatever country will put down their weapons and refuse to fight.

    And I see that you are an accomplished writer and are doing good in the world. I admire you for all you've done.

    Sending you many blessings of love, light, peace, joy and friendship.
    LoveLight, Marilyn

  • Thank you so much for reading! I will certainly check out those links. Looking forward to sitting down with your work as well :) Every blessing!
  • thank you so much! I really appreciate it! :)

    Love and Light!
  • Many blessings to you! :)
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Alfonsine (RA) Italia


March 18

About Yourself

Elisabetta Errani Emaldi, was born in Alfonsine (RA) Italy, studied in Paris and in London, worked for many years on board cruise ships with the qualification of assistant cruise director, shop manager, interpreter, tourist’s guide and inspectricee. She travelled all around the world and learnt four languages. On 1992 the national press wrote about her book “ The Common Artisans of Love,“ which was written in collaboration with Ivana Tarroni. On 1998 she has illustrated Pietro Seddio's books: “Mafia and Politics on the Operas of Leonardo Sciascia “ and “The beauty of death on the theatre of F.Garcia Lorca. ” On July 1998, with the groups of artists "Art Space" of Alfonsine, has painted her first “Murales” at Nagykata in Hungary. On September 1998, with the same group of artists has completed her second ”Murales” in her city, in Alfonsine. Elisabetta’s drawings and posies were published on the magazine: ” L’Eredità Dantesca.” Others poetries were read from Patrizia Rossetti to Radio Italy Italian music. Elisabetta Errani Emaldi wrote 4 novels and 8 screenplays. Titles of the Novels and screenplays: “The Witch Queen of Orient Sun”, Lhundrup Dhechen (Great Blessing), “In the Tunnel of Death, the Labyrinth of Life”, “The Common Artisans of Love”, “Sound of the Cry”, “The Doctor of the Bloom Wood”, "The Doctor Mesedé of Gounou-Gaya” and "The Country of the Thousand Hills”. The stories of her novels and screenplays are true. Elisabetta’s drawings and posies were published on the anthology "La Agonia del Nirvana" in Peru and Argentina on November 2008 “God’s smile” is a book of maxim, sentences, roles and thoughts from the big of the past and present, collected and arranged from Elisabetta. In the book there are also 32 maxim and 12 drawings made by Elisabetta. During the years 2003, 2004, 2005, she read nearly all the thoughts written in the book “God’s smile” to Radio Italy Years Sixty. Her panting “The angel of love” was selected to be published on the prestigious anthology ” The Convivial ” and has been awarded at the Naxos Gardens (Messina), on October, the 16th, 2005. Also her poetry “ Mandala of lights” was selected to be published on the anthology “The Convivial” and has been awarded in Motta Camastra (Messina), on January the 3rd, 2006. On May the 20th 2006, in Mattinata ( province of Foggia), the jury of the " Holy Mary of the light" Awards has given to Elisabetta in the section "Free Italian theme" an International Prize Mention of Honour for the poetry "The Garden of the Time" On March the 15th 2009, ten Elisabetta’s drawings and posies were published on the Spanish magazine “Palabras Diversas, Literature for peace On May the 6th 2009, in Paris the jury of the “THE ENCHANTING VERSES INTERNATIONAL poetry journal” has given to Elisabetta the second international prize “Editor's Choice - II certification” Literature for peace. In Pisa on May the 30th 2009, at the San Ranieri Hotel, during the meeting of poetry organized by Giancarlo Bruschini: "Comunic'Arte" Estro-verso, the actor Vincent De Caro has read two poems by Elisabetta, "The Soul of our Mother Earth "and" Rainbow of love and peace. " In that same cultural event, Giancarlo Bruschini has read "Aung San Suu Kyi, nightingale of love" poem that Elizabetta wrote for the Nobel Prize for Peace from Burma. On July 7th 2009, Elisabetta’s drawings and posies were published on the Anthology “En la Calle” in Querètaro-Mèxico. Edited by Alejandro Uribe y la Utopia Ambulante Poetries and the synopsis of Elisabetta’s screenplays are also published in thousands webs sites all around the world Sito Internet: My profile link: Sane Society: Talent Seekers:

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Author, screenwriter and poet

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Nov 2, 2020
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Feb 15, 2011
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 Five videos -  Elisabetta Errani Emaldi’s premonitory dreams witnesses. A FILM FROM THE PROJECT “THE WITCH QUEEN OF ORIENT SUN” 1/5…
Feb 15, 2011
Elisabetta Errani Emaldi left a comment on Dream Interpretation
"Five videos - Elisabetta Errani Emaldi’s premonitory dreams witnesses.


Video 1/5
Video 2/5…"
Feb 15, 2011

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"Amazing experienced. 1972 to 1974 Earth was placed in a suspended reality. Ive watched his video. I was born during that time 🥰. And we experienced things we cant explain in words and we cant explain why or how :D great times to be on Earth."
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"I recheck the image again, and i realized there is a difference between Omega and Libra symbol. The libra has a line on the bottom. Now i know the symbol that appeared in my crown chakra is Omega not Libra, because it has no line at the bottom.…"
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"Hi, nice to meet you. Where can i find your drawings? Im interested because i am seeing so many things, places, Beings, during meditation. Pulsating vibrant lights, orbs, places like rainforest or peach colored sky, etc some i dont understand what i…"
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"You're most welcome to visit my blogs, forums and vids and make comments and observations...Great to have you aboard ACC....😁"
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