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November 30

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El'elia Jahmika Christos: aka: Deborah Knighton Tallarico. My whole life is dedicated to bringing Love, Light and Peace to Beloved Mother Earth Gaia and to assist in every way I can in this transition into the New Earth Consciousness, to creating Heaven on Earth. I have been on a spiritual path since childhood and have traversed many spiritual paths in my life-time. I seek the Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, God and Goddess within my being. I feel deeply connected to Spirit, to the Masters and Light Beings in the Higher realms, to Gaia, to the elements & elementals, the sacred land, mountains and waters. I am here as a way-shower and spiritual guide for others. I lovingly serve others as a counselor, crystal sound energy healer, flower/gem essence practitioner and Planetary Priestess. I have been initiated and ordained as a Priestess of Goddess/God All-That-Is. I co-direct the Spiritual Renaissance Center in S. Portland, ME, with my husband Leo and publish a quarterly publication called Spiritual Renaissance. You can learn more by visiting our web-site: www.spiritualrenaissance.com. I am currently a student with the Divine University & The Academy of Energy Science and Consciousness located in Byron Bay, Australia and am deeply devoted to helping in their many amazing projects to bring Peace to Earth and to help co-create the New Earth. Above all I long to be One with the Universe, with Goddess/God All-That-Is, to live a sacred spiritual life in a deep state of Oneness, LOVE, Peace, Grace and Divine Light, and to be of Sacred Service. I am deeply interested in all that is sacred, ceremony and ritual, prophesies, the mayan calendar, astrology, connecting with the masters and beings of Light, deep Soul connection and Divine Union with others, crystals, sound healing, shamanism, all mystical teachings, ancient wisdom & civilizations, all aspects of healing, art and creativity, meditation and everything spiritual and metaphysical, the list goes on and on. I also Love nature, the Earth, Stars and Planets. I am so happy to be alive at this powerful time on Earth and I know that I have come at this time to be of Service.

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Ultimately I seek the teacher within, and have been blessed with many teachers who have been my sacred mirror throughout my life. I feel myself as both student and teacher.

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  • Dearest Heart,
    Yep - all in divine timing.
    The Ark is open, the Covenant begins!

    Love Is,
  • El'elia, My pleasure!
    A few of us drove to the other side of the Tetons, near Targhee, and I found the seat of ST Germain...I tell ya, I'll never be the same! The mountain opened to reveal Shambala's golden palace....totally awesome...it took me 3 days to physically recover, but I'm so grateful...it really recalibrated me!
    So yes, I AM really very joyful these days! and willing to share it too.
    Love Is
  • El'elia, There were quite a few Gaiadons from Mt Shasta there, including Alidah and Lynn. There were 6 Australians (Gondwanans) - yay! You'd remember many...I'll attach a group photo if not too large a file. Saranya has travelled a lot with Mod lll since...Blane is doing it next week. Alidah's excellent with her emailing.
    Did I leave anything out? Oh year! - Big hug!
    Love Is.
  • Massive peak, the Tetons.
  • Hello Darling! How lovely to see your smile.
    You took me by surprise! What a lovely surprise!

    Yes, I did go to Yellowstone and Tetons and what bliss!
    30 beings of light in one heart of love! I'm telling the world, that's what love is!

    Of course there were lessons aplenty and an awe-inspiring land to do it in. The mountains were so powerful and the lakes so generous to us. The clouds told stories everywhere I looked. The Elementals were going off! All the stones wanted to be carried and dropped at the Medicine Wheel, saying, we want to ascend too!

    Coming back was near to heart breaking...and fitting back in was just not possible, still isn't. I don't mind in the least, since I've transformed completely. We attained our ascension and everything has changed...totally am-a-zing! Next stop from there is Machu Pichu, it is being prepared now.

    Next few weeks I go to Sydney to hook up with Module lll just for the fun of it. I felt my hand go up instantly for that one. Looking fwd to it very much.

    I'm so loving what's taking place right now...I love it all.

    Beauiful friend El'elia, you make my heart sing.

  • Hello,El'elia.How Is your Sunday? Enjoing Family And Friends?
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El'elia Jahmika Christos replied to Apocalypstick's discussion I don't know why. in Member Diaries
"So sorry you feel like this. I have just joined this network so I don't really feel what you feel at this point.

I know that Love is what will bring us all together.....

sending much love your way through all this disillusionment you feel,
Nov 15, 2009
El'elia Jahmika Christos left a comment for El'elia Jahmika Christos

Nov 12, 2009
El'elia Jahmika Christos left a comment for Louise
"WOWOWOWOW!!! how powerful!!!! Sounds AMAZING....seeing the Golden city of Shambhala!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!
In Devotion to the One.......
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo love you so much, el'elia"
Nov 4, 2009
El'elia Jahmika Christos left a comment for Louise
"Fabulous!! I see many of the same people from all over the world that were in Mt. Shasta!! I'm not great at remembering names but I see them!!THank you SOOOO much for sending me that photo!! AWESOME!!!
love you so much, El'elia"
Nov 2, 2009

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