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It is now time to put out the following critically-important information, which will have global implications.
The end of the UFO Cover-Up is in sight. And it will be this year.
I am writing this from the perspective of being within the United States,virtually the last Major Power country to still not have told its peoplethe truth about UFO reality.
France has. UK has. China passively allows UFO information to bebroadcast freely without restraint. Fox News reported that last year theRussian Navy declassified its records of UFO encounters, as reportedon the Web site of the English-language Russian news channel Russia Today.
Who is the one major-power hold-out? The United States. But soon, no more.
The rest of 2010 will be something to watch, either in the newspapers, on TV or radio news, or in the skies overhead!
Here are those Four Important Dates.
1) United Nations Day, October 24. Star Nations will begin a series of massive, dramatic, unmistakable setof displays-of-presence by large flotillas of starcraft presentingthemselves low enough in the sky overhead as to be quite visible topeople. These massive displays will be focused on the skies over theUnited States because the U.S. is the major one hold-out country to havenot yet come clean with its people about UFO reality and Star Visitorscontact.
The purpose of these starcraft displays is a) to pressure the U.S.Administration to stop perpetuating its silence about UFO matters, andb) to pressure the U.S. Government to begin without furtherdelay diplomatic dialogue with Star Nations' representative on Earth,Councillor of Earth, so that Star Nations can collaboratively plan withthe U.S. Government how to unfold a series of Official GovernmentAcknowledgments/Announcements about Star Visitors reality, contacts,communications, and gifts which have been shared.
2) November 9. [This date is approximate, it could be Nov. 8 or 10.] This is the datethat Washington will finally stop stonewalling and instead begincooperating with the Councillor of/for Earth in jointly planning aseries of Official Government Acknowledgments of Star Visitor Contacts, starting this year!While it is anticipated that Washington will want to keep these initialdiplomatic dialogues private, with only White House and NationalSecurity Council officials meeting with the Star Nations delegation, youwill be able to tell that these diplomatic dialogues have indeed gottenunder way by the fact that the relentless massive sky displays sinceOctober 24th until then will have stopped as soon as the diplomaticdialogues have gotten started.
3) December 25-26 weekend. The first of a series of Official U.S. Government Acknowledgments of UFO Reality will be made over the Christmas weekendof Dec. 25-26! That will be your extra Christmas present under the treethis year: The U.S. Government will finally stop lying about UFOs to itspeople after 63 years!
But wait, you say, Christmas weekend is a terrible time to make such animportant announcement. People are busy celebrating Christmas, going torelatives for Christmas dinner, the National Football League Christmasgame will be on TV on Christmas Saturday, December 25 (theDallas Cowboys versus the Arizona Cardinals), etc. People will be BUSYand distracted. How can the government expects its news release to getmuch coverage at such a busy time?
Exactly! The U.S. Government has demonstrated for over 60 years that it earnsno Profile in Courage in regard to UFO honesty. So it is foreseen thatthe Administration will try to "bury" this news release by putting itout on Christmas.
Ho, ho, ho! Your tax dollars at work.
However, come 2011, the government's stalling and delaying its facing up to UFO reality has a very short time window to get its citizens caught up on 63 years of contacts with StarVisitors, information, communications, and accepting Star Visitorconsultants to work here to help our scientists make the marvelousadvances we have been seeing.
The short time window to get all the government admissions done is Dec. 25-May 20. Why? Because as of May 21, the American public (and the world) will seein person or on television Star Visitors in the audience of a majortelevised event in Philadelphia, at which Star Visitors will be some ofthe Speakers!! That event is described below.
4) May 21-22 weekend. An Advanced Workshop for Star Seed adults, Star Kids and their families will take place the May 21-22, 2011 weekend in Philadelphia (the City of Brotherly Love). At this event scores of Star Visitors will be in the audience, and a number of Star Visitors will be featured as Speakers at this Advanced Workshop. This Workshop is being planned in collaboration with Star Nations.
One of the Speakers will be the leader of a planet in a star system 17light years distant which has two inhabited planets. It is anticipatedthat this Star Visitor will bring a family member with him who will alsomake a presentation.
Another Speaker will be an Estican (Mantoid) Incarnate Human who isauthorized to speak on behalf of her people since she is the niece ofthe Estican People's Councillor representative to Star Nations.
Other Star Visitors will also address the gathering.
Two teenage Star Kids will be Speakers, and will speak on the challenges of growing up as a Star Kid in aculture which has not provided any recognition of Star Kids.
A Star Seed adult Speaker, who has been downloaded with unprecedented Star Visitors information for the public, will provide a Revised History of Planet Earth,including: who first discovered this planet,where the dinosaurs reallyfit into Earth's time-line, who first bioengineered Homo Sapiens, didDarwin overstate evolution?, the histories of precedent civilizationsLemuria and Atlantis, who built the pyramids and why, other life formson Earth not now recognized as existing and highly-intelligent, who theGreat Religious Teachers/Avatars really were, which star races haveinteracted with Humans over the course of our history, and the historyof Star Visitors' interactions with today's governments, thetechnologies shared with those governments, and what the governments arehiding from us.
And Dr. Richard Boylan, the Councillor of/for Earth, will be making presentations and explaining the advanced abilities of StarSeeds and Star Kids, and be leading demonstrations of some of thosepsychic abilities.
Star Visitors have foreshown that this Workshop will be televised nationally, and thence rebroadcasted globally.
This Advanced Workshop will serve as a powerful trigger which willawake recognition in millions of Star Seeds and Star Kids around theglobe as to their true and full identity, why they are different, andwhat their full potential of abilities is.
After this Advanced Workshop is over Sunday afternoon May 22, the U.S. Government will not be able to return to business as usual.The cultural beachhead of the Transition of human society into one whichmust be seen as cosmic in scope will have been achieved.
Plan to be there and watch history being made!
Details of this Advanced Workshop's location and logistics are still beingdeveloped. We are not yet ready to take formal registrations but hope todo so in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, if you wish toplace your name on the list of persons interested in being notified whenregistrations open up, please send your name and contact information (email) and mention "Advanced Workshop" to registrar Linda Solley, email: GraceAndHumility@...
in service to Source,
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