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It just came to me the other day to start a movement to unit the world population, called "One Earth Unite" to get people interested on chat systems like Facebook, twitter and others like this to purchase a band to unite the people of this world, costing a dollar each or donation, and make the people who purchase these bands see the money build up real time, and the greatest thing of all they decide where the money will be spent to help where people need it the most!!, no money grabbing third party systems of the old world, this will be people helping people, I hope it will go viral and every one participating in it will wear the band with pride and will be recognized in their communities as hero's and spread caring love around this planet!, we all can make a difference.

I hope all of you on this site can help me with ideas web designs etc, we need to start this now!, I'm only one person but with the world behind me and everyone else, we will achieve the ultimate goal of love and caring to everyone on this planet and this alone will change humanity forever!.

We cannot sit on our hands any longer and wait for something to happen!

Love to you all.



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