Villardebelle, Aude


July 31

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I am an eternal pilgrim, Flemish from origin, but living in the Cathar region in Southern France. I love nature and being outdoors, enjoying the sun, the forests, the mountains... I love hiking, sometimes with my donkey. I love travelling, meeting people, and bringing people together. I like musical gatherings and folk dance. But I also like the silence and tranquility of being on my own, to read or write, or just be...

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Life itself has been my best teacher, the working field where to apply everything that ever came to me through the hundreds of books I've read.

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  • wow sorry to hear that why don't you check out international star seeds , or united star seeds , im member of them both , i think there way more active if thats what your looking for . love you and like a little tinkle now and then , .. hugsss love to you 8113764458?profile=original
  • thank for sdding me, Love to you my friend , hope to become friends , and get to know you .. love and light brother of light . and of the stars 8113761283?profile=original
  • I'm sorry I misspelled your name, Eddy. :")

    I wonder if I'll be as brave as you are, one day... it's remarkable and inspiring to see you realizing a dream I've been dreaming since I was a child. Maybe one day... :)

  • Hi Eddie, I'm often thinking of you and your beautiful place in the mountains and hope you are doing fine... many greetings to you!



  • LOVE !
  • Blessings & Namaste
    Tracy s
  • Welcome to You
  • You Welcome

  • Hi Eddy,

    thank you for your comment!
    The Aude region is a very special region for me - altogether I spent about 8 months of my life there. The first time I was there was when I was ten years old. My parents weren't spiritually enclined, but I was naturally spiritually open, and I sensed that the area (around Quillan) bore a distinct higher frequency than the place where I lived in Germany. I always cried many tears when we'd head back "home". I felt that my home of heart was the Aude region, and I never cut that heart bond. The last time I was there when I was 18/19. I drove there by myself, alone, because I felt I needed to go there to rinse my soul and re-activate a part within myself that cried for healing and wholesomeness. I hiked up the Bugarach, and interestingly, the electormagnetics there brought my nervous system out of whack at a certain point. Later on I read up on Bugarach, and apparently, scientists have noticed stronger elemag fluctuations than usual at the mountain, I wasn't surprised to read that.
    I hope that I can soon visit my home of heart again, and one day, if it is part of my lifeplan, I will move there...
    My heart rejoiced when I read that you live there...

    Much Love to you
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Eddy Voorspoels left a comment for Zoe
"Hi Zoe. I'm afraid I don't feel very much at home on this website, so you won't see much activity from me. I'm probably a faintly twinkling star in the background :) Love to you."
Mar 9, 2011
Eddy Voorspoels left a comment on Twin Flames & Soul Mates
"Quantum Communication, interesting video about how we attract what we attract in our lives, including partners ...
Love to you all ♥"
Jun 4, 2010
Eddy Voorspoels left a comment for sophia
"Thank you Sophia!
I liked your posting of the emerging earth angels.
Love and Peace,
May 25, 2010
Eddy Voorspoels left a comment for marisa vandeneynde
"Voel me nog wat onwennig hier, 't is een beetje onoverzichtelijk vind ik, maar misschien is't een kwestie van gewoon worden. Bedankt in elk geval voor de uitnodiging... !!
May 22, 2010

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