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Hey Guys, You all don't want to miss this! I will be interviewing Santos Bonacci on April 8th 2012 Sunday 7:30pm pst on My Illuminating Minds Show on Freedomizerradio.com! Here is a background of who Santos Bonacci is! He speaks about the Symbolism of the Bible Astrotheology, The Vatican, Sovereignty, Planetary Shifts and is an Awesome Musician. Very Funny, since I put my video up on the Vatican and Spiritual Aliens, Doors have opened up in that direction, This is where we need to go for more info, The Vatican is the reason for all of this, They are satanists, and rulers of this planet, but they are going down and losing their butts! Here is Santo Bonacci!


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Hey Greetings friends. Gosh I know I been away for many many moons I know. Been going through alot of growth and introspection of where to turn in my life. Learning to go with the flow in life rather then going against the current. Anyhow, I decided to Announce that on my Blogtalkradio.com/illuminatingminds I will be discussing topics such as Tarot Magic, Psychic readings, Law of Attraction, do some Free psychic readings. You are all invited to partake. It will take place at Wednesday 7:00pm pdt. Also you can check out my new paranormal site at http://www.illuminatingminds.ning.com. So looking forward to seeing you there, and so looking forward to really following my passion as Psychic Life Coach.

Love Druanna
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