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November 24

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I am a Multidimensional Spiritual Being of Light Light = Love = Information = Energy I share information, transparency, open source. Sharing information is in my vision the base of MAINTAINING an ADVANCING society. Miracles exist, the year 2010 was a Miracle with big downs and bigger ups. Thank you, Lightworkers of the Guardian Grid. It unlocked me_ . I am now consciously connected with the vibrational rate of Earth. Fulfilling my promises to Gaia, Love all and everything. Transmitting matter into Light and heal what is broken.


For Gaia, beloved mother, for already over thousands lifes. Let me now take care of you as a father. Grow up, and bloom. My heart is dedicated to your ascension. A call to all human beings; think Global!Think Universal. ~ Be LoveAwake~ Think Multiversal!

Lovely Earth - all you visiting people are those green dots I send Light to!

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

"The Sage as an Astronomer: If you still see the stars as something above you, you lack the eye of knowledge." Friedrich Nietzsche ^^ "Those stars.... that's you." Drome all life-forms & beings are my teachers Nature is

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  • hi Drome, I'm still finding my way around here and I just found your message - thank you :) I've wondered about donut shapes and energy flow so your picture is cool. Namaste! Bring it on! Selamat Ja! Selamat Gajun! :))) love and light peace and justice XOX
  • Thanks for your friendship, Drome.  Your posts are appreciated as is your energy.  Seems we were both onto the Hathors' latest channeling at the same time -- nice sync!  :) 



  • I would like to thank my friend
  • thanks :) i love that foxy pic 

    it reminds me of my inner child

    wanting to curl up and close my eyes ...and let myself wonder through OBE

    kinda cool memory

    love 2 ya brother of light

  • Thank you im glad to be accepted :)


  • Hi Drome.. sorry for the delay in replying my brother.. your Light is so bright.. I need shades man :)

    Love and Light to you my friend always forever....

    Luke :)



  • Hi Drome,  Thank you for the friendship.  Overjoyed at the amount of emails extending friendship.


    Love, Joy and Blessings


  • Hello Drome, 

             I'd thought the same too, but it's always a delight to be-friend someone with your Light. Namaste!!

  • 8113832690?profile=original


    Anuheim amia sukult impadre nom
    Amia on culta se tru fadium
    u sanctu dominus beltrus fe sunahem


    The soul can mix with the celestial beings
    and give the strain the compass it demands
    to find home again,strange tidings these to tell
    the world who treat all but their own experience as deceit!
    Will they believe,though credulous enough
    up swallow much upon much weaker proof
    that there are light beings,inhabitants of earth
    partakers of a new ethereal birth,their hopes
    desires,& purposes estranged from
    things terrestrial,& divinely changed
    there very language of a kind that speaks
    the souls sure interest in the good it seeks
    Who deal with false scripture,its importance
    was felt as truely with philosophy once dealt
    & in the silent watchers of the night
    & through the scenes of true renewing light.

    ©~Lefevre Lycias~





  • got a new song up
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