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November 24

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I am a Multidimensional Spiritual Being of Light Light = Love = Information = Energy I share information, transparency, open source. Sharing information is in my vision the base of MAINTAINING an ADVANCING society. Miracles exist, the year 2010 was a Miracle with big downs and bigger ups. Thank you, Lightworkers of the Guardian Grid. It unlocked me_ . I am now consciously connected with the vibrational rate of Earth. Fulfilling my promises to Gaia, Love all and everything. Transmitting matter into Light and heal what is broken.


For Gaia, beloved mother, for already over thousands lifes. Let me now take care of you as a father. Grow up, and bloom. My heart is dedicated to your ascension. A call to all human beings; think Global!Think Universal. ~ Be LoveAwake~ Think Multiversal!

Lovely Earth - all you visiting people are those green dots I send Light to!

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

"The Sage as an Astronomer: If you still see the stars as something above you, you lack the eye of knowledge." Friedrich Nietzsche ^^ "Those stars.... that's you." Drome all life-forms & beings are my teachers Nature is

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  • Just a greeting to say hi. Haven't heard from you. New developements occurring in USA. Large fish kill in California that can mean a large earthquake. Japanese earthquake was manmade and aimed right at Japan. Power plants are in melt down. We in USA have partitioned Federation to intervene. They should have intervened sooner.
  • ~ Drome ~

    Thanks so much for adding me as a Friend :) I really appreciate it!  Good to have you here....

    Much love to you!!! :-)

  • dear drome,i read your comments on zero point free enegy,if you can build one do so,as it slowly become more widspread for humanity,after being kept from the population for decades from the dark,NIKOLA TESLA  was a brilliant sent messenger to help humanity,and it saddened my soul to know and read what the dark done to him,but time is running out now,and there attempts will become futile as we near the grand-cycle,blessings to you brother,and trillions of light to you also,keep up your mission,love,light,and many blessings eve(sauul ahh nahh)
  • Tell me if it is working...i am interesting to about that...

    I fix computers my self...so i know a thing or two about electronics ...


  • Hi Drome....i am hire....still watching ....over this site...


  • Hello Stefan! Yes I think I remember you from TOMC, I will tell my Mum you said Hello :-)

    Much love and light~


  • Hi  Drome,

    Good to have you as a friend. I agree with your goals! Would like to be there with you! Am working on it. Glad you understand about talking with crystals. They are so beautiful to be around! Love your music. I am not very computer savy so I do not yet put bolgs or music on I would like to share. Bless you for being where you are and being with Gaia.


  • Now, what nationality are you? I am sort of a nomad myself. I have been all over this state of New Mexico but I feel it will be time to leave shortly. Much is going on in our world and why are you in the Netherlands?
  • What I meant was where are you from on this planet? I am from Albuquerque, NM

    How long have you been on this planet? I have been here the better of 60 yrs. Half

    of those years in this desert place. It would be nice to talk to someone that knows

    why they are here. Why do you call yourself Coyote?

  • Well Coyote,

    Where are you from? Speaking of the 5D. Everyone wants to skip 4D and move into 5D. Even though the time has shifted we will not be in the 4th for very long. A good source for this would be Drumvulo Melchezidec on You Tube. His latest fro Sadona, Az. Being the Coyote, you will appreciate this. He only has us in the 4th for 2 yrs instead of hundreds, like we were suppose to be. What is the reasoning? Most of the people you know right now, would you want them in the 5th the way they are right now? No, we are going to Love school. Even the Federation has said many times that we will not skip over the 4th. We need to disearn the false prophets and how all this stuff got started and with whome. I have been in this thing from the beginning and the New Age movement has become corrupted with its many false prophets. The Federation started many years ago putting out Journals to inform us because our gov't forbade the Federation from ever coming down here. That restriction has been removed by God. There is more going on that can meet the eye. Word as it that the New Jerusalem is here. I have been to that ship when I was 17 yrs. old and I met that God, Sananda took me there. That is what changed my life and I had no desire for this 3D world since. I am here and still here for people like yourself, if you desire information from experience instead of just intellect. I was summoned to the desert of SW New Mexico, 33 yrs. ago to learn. I learned meor out here than I ever could in New York. I just came off a 40 day Vision Quest/Fast and then all hell broke loose around the world. If there isn't any intervention, it will continue. When the Federation intervened with Moses, all the people prayed.

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