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September 29

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Hello My lovely and Beautiful Friends, I am Jacob, I am here to help empower ALL Humanity alike as part of the Grand Team of Angels incarnate here as "The Ground Crew" in order to bring ALL Humanity into the Higher Realms.. To assist ALL those actively choosing to return to their Highest (GOD)Self, or the KNOWING of GOD and to their TRUE FEELINGS of one's SOUL HEART(Higher Self). I AM here simply and purely to be "In Service" to Divine Will! -To rid out ALL EVIL from existence as THE ALMIGHTY ONE has claimed Divine Jurisdiction within this Universe and I AM working diligently with our Lord Sananda in research of our fallen / dark brothers fully multidimensionally, with ALL ASPECTS of my BEING in order to assist ALL those "misguided souls" back to the love and light of ALL THAT IS. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE READ MY SCRIBE LINKED HERE: Saving The Lost Children - Guiding The Lost Souls To The Light: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/saving-the-lost-children-guiding-the-lost-souls-to-the-light?xg_source=activity#ixzz2On9AESJ2 "Look upon me and see thyself... feel my love and know thyself... the love and light that YOU ARE, as we are ALL individual expressions of GOD/Spirit/ALL THAT IS!" ~ Jacob I DO NOT want to create "A FOLLOWING" I Shine ALL (THE LIGHT)THAT I AM upon ALL THAT IS, in which case is directly in conflict with what I wish to Truly embody. And so it is my ultimate goal to empower ALL Humanity Alike to Truly "BE" ALL THAT YOU ARE! ONLY THEN can we EVER Truly Change ALL THAT IS! "We cannot ever change the outside world as we perceive it without 1st becoming that which we wish to create from within our own BEINGS, as WITHIN, so THROUGHOUT" ~ Jacob

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

SELF! ~ I feel more and more divine wisdom coming through every dayl I also believe only true wisdom comes from the Highest (GOD)Self level where we ARE ALL ONE! It is my goal to get more people looking within their own BEING for their all the answers they seek, as the Body, or the SELF never lies. I use the body to discern every thought -every emotion -every word I hear and feel. "When one truly "feels" their way through life, one will never be lead astray from Absolute Truth." ~ I AM ARCHANGEL METATRON PLEASE READ FULL SCRIBE/ARTICLE ABOUT FOLLOWING YOUR FEELINGS TO FIND YOUR KNOWING: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/follow-you-r-feelings-to-find-you-r-knowing-the-difference#ixzz2OmyFHvJT My Website with ALL my Scribes Direct From My Higher Self/Archangel Metatron and from Sananda / RA Immanuel available HERE: www.DivineWillpower.com Thank you Lord! Thank you Big Brother! Thank you, Sananda! Thank you, RA IMMANUEL! Thank you for ALL that you do for me and for all the love and light that you shine upon ALL Humanity Alike! Thank you for ALL the inspiration to Truly "BE" ME!

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  • Thanks for allowing for friend. Yesterday, I've translated one of the up-to-date Metatron message, "Sacred relationships - Footprints in the Sand AA Metatron". It was very nice message to me. In korean spritual website, we have a dedicated bulletin board about AA Metatron messages.

    Your Friend, Sebanyoth

  • Finaly! I have waited so long for this to finaly get out who you truly are bro! I am so proud over you! Love you lots bro! 


    Aniela Michaela

  • Well my sweet dear brother, the truth has to come out sooner or lather, the truth who we really are! Yeah I noticed you had fallen a sleep yesturday! Falling a sleep accidentilly during very deep meditation has happened me as well bro! That is why I prefer meditating lying down on my back rather than sit meditating! I turn into a sack of potato and I might fall down...well you know...it is like being unconscious pretty much. So I rather lye down on my back while meditating in case I go into a very deep meditation witch often results in astral journeys...you know! The joyride with Archangel Michael was cool when he showed me that spiral in the sky to me. :) That astral joyride when he and I flew together to that spot, bot using our angel wings was fun! I delightfully do that joyride with AA Michael again...It was really nice, fun and joyful! :)

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  • the power of loooove...yihaaa..

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  • Thank-you Divine Willpower I love your comments and videos,thank-you for being my friend take good care,your Australian friend,Phil Shearer aka Thundering Buffalo/Eagle.Please add any thing you might I am interested in,doing Divine Feminine work as well all is one.

  • Hello there my dear friend...!! How's everything...?? Haven't been in contact with you for quite some time now...!! Hope allz buttery smooth there..!!

    Love n hugs your way..!! :) ;)

  • HOLLA..!! How ya doing Jacob...??!! Allz well I hope..!! :) :)


  • 8114455257?profile=originalPlease accept my Love and Light of my Masters to bring harmony and balance.....


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"“What are we, if not individual seeds: a God Seed within all of our hearts as we each unfold throughout the space she carries us. And our imagination is the Sacred Geometry that unfolds in time. ~ Thank you Mother!” ♥ Jacob
Please share your…"
Jan 21, 2016
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In truth there is only one timeline that is unfolding; one and only one. And whether we split apart in different directions or not, we are always one, held together by our higher selves. And each and every one of those strands are as a shredded…
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Hello my lovely and beautiful friends. It is a combination of mind and heart that holds us together as people, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, or in any other race, creed or system of beliefs. No matter what or whomever may attempt to…
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Divine Willpower commented on Meindert Arends's blog post THE ILLUMINED TWIN FLAMES AND RE-UNION 2012-2024 By Judith Kusel
"Wow! Very important and current information!
imperative to our future as Humanity!
Thank you for being who you are! 
Blessings of Love and Adoration ♥ Jacob"
Jan 5, 2016

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