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I am searching, exploring, I am on a journey, I know where it leads me... HOME. How will I get there, that is one question, indeed! However, on my way there, I will do what I can to help others, to be kind, understanding, peaceful, loving, a child of the Universe. With manners my 'parents' will be very proud of. I ask myself often, am I being embarrassing to anyone? If I can look at me every morning & feel good about what I 'see', then I know I am doing what I am here to do:)

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Diane left a comment on Bridge Across Forever
"Hello! Thank you for the message. I don't post a lot. However, I try to catch up on posts that others have felt inclined to share."
Aug 30, 2016
Diane replied to happy person's discussion Radical Shift: The Venus Transit of 2012
"I can totally relate to your feelings. I, too, am 'normally' a very upbeat person. However, for the last month or so, I've been literally dragging myself out of bed, I'm soooo tired all the time, and very sad/depressed for no obvious reason. It's a…"
Jun 2, 2012

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Steve Hutchinson posted a discussion
  .Revelations, Resurrection, & The Greatest Awakening Of All Time By Marie Mohler It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here.  We are delighted to connect with each and all of you on the cusp of April 2021 and…
1 hour ago
Mariza posted a discussion
https://youtu.be/5dlmv8OwNXU Yes, with each enfolding of the petals, More revealed, within and around, most exciting times!! 💎☀️💜You are the treasure
3 hours ago
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motherbg shared their blog post on Facebook
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Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"Human diversity is not explained by the diversity in DNA. It is as simple as that! Our DNAs are practically the same. They are blue prints for making proteins, not the entire organism. These proteins are essentially the same in all humans, and even…"
6 hours ago
Hellen left a comment on Comment Wall
"The cell nuclei resides in the DNA. ' In the physical body."
6 hours ago
Hellen left a comment on Comment Wall
"UFOS in the bible : ''who are these fly as a cloud and the doves to their windows : Isaiah 60: verse 8 And ''Ye are from beneath : I am from above : Ye are of this world : I am not of this world : Christ : John 8 verse 23."
6 hours ago
Hellen left a comment on Comment Wall
"Evidence shows that other ET civilizations other than the Anunnaki from such star systems as the Pleiades, Sirius, and the Orion regularly visited, and interacted and visited and also interbreded using human genetic engineering as well.In all…"
6 hours ago