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August 14

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  • In the moment of transition ill be holding your hand our daughter's and everybody who took my message changing into my world,becoming love and light as we transmute our dna to higher frequency and we realize that fairy tales arent fantasies we all become one in the name of the creator
  • welcome Diana, and thank you for your friendly invitation! it is nice to see you in here, i see you like ancient aliens, you can find alot of closer info. about who they were in mentioned site. which starsign are you. blessings in Creator to you. Maiailla/Helene
  • Welcome Diana I hope that you will get many beautiful memories from here. You wanna know TRUTH? Ive got a site for you, www.phoenixsourcedistributors.com     it is not channeled information, but information straight directly from The Source, God.

    May The Source be with you, Maiailla

    Phoenix Journals, Contact Newspaper
    The OFFICIAL source of the Phoenix Journals and Contact Newspaper, documenting God's Plan, the Phoenix Project. Scribed for Sananda and Gyeorgos Cere…
  • Thank you sister!  I love you and would love to know you better!8113836086?profile=original
  • I love you baby cant wait to see you
  • I love you baby cant wait to see you
  • Wisdom and goodness are twin-born,one heart
    must hold both sisters,never seen apart
    So then- as darkness overspread the deep
    sense of nature rose from her eternal sleep
    and this delightful earth,and that fair sky
    leaped out of nothing,called but the most high
    by such a chance the darkness is made light..
    The chaos order,and the weakness might
    and Raven whose power mere nullity obeys
    who found there nothing,formed for his praise
    true freedom is where no restraint is known
    that script,justice and good sense,disown
    where only vice and injury are tied.
    And all from shore to shore is free beside
    such freedom is - stood trembling at the
    boldness of the powers that won a
    phoenix on that immortal plain like her
    the fabled Phoebus woo'd in vain...
    Those beings so full of trust and grace
    seem,to reflect,of a different race
    in such a cause they could not dare
    to fear,they could not purchase earth
    with such a prize,or spare a life too short
    to reach the skies,from them top you conveyed
    along the tide,their streaming heart poured
    freely when they dared,those truths
    which neither use nor years impair
    invite you,woo them,to the bliss they share
    on special search,the keen eyed Raven blind
    and did they dream,and are they wiser now?
    ©~Lefevre Lycias~
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  • Welcome sister!  I love you Diana!  If you want to talk I AM here for you!  8113820674?profile=original
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Diana left a comment on Astral Projection & Travel
"So i almost experienced my first oobe last night but i held back due to the fact that iam pregnant.Does anybody know if it is bad to attempt to have an oobe while pregnant?"
Oct 6, 2011
Diana replied to Ali's discussion RELATIONSHIPS: What are you opinions about painful and joyful ones?
"Marique wonderful reply :)))"
Jul 22, 2011
Diana replied to 28fwcvnoz3r00's discussion The Pole Shift
"Great post master of light thanks:)"
Jul 22, 2011
Diana left a comment for ENIGMA
"i cant wait to see you either and i love you too!!!!!<3
Jul 19, 2011

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