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November 23

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Luminal Cosmology. Frank Jordan. Drunvalo Melchizedek, Cosmic Vision News, The Akashic Records as accessed by J. Justice, Arch Angel Michael, Ashtar, Sananda, Dolores Cannon, Wing Makers,Event Tempels, Matthew's Messages.

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  • You Always Welcome Dent....I LOVE YOU8114428256?profile=original

  • You Welcome Dent...I LOVE YOU...8114427252?profile=original

  • well, sounds like you have your work cut out for you dent.  yesterday was a wonderful day here.  the temp didn't get above 75, slight breeze, sunny skies, low humidity.  spectacular.  those are the kinds of days that i just love to soak in all the energy.  those and stormy days.

  • Hi and welcome. Thank you for joining our network to enhance your spirit, share and learn! I am fairly new as well so please share any idea or thoughts with me and I will do likewise. Thrive is a great movie to spark your inner self!

    With Light and Love,


  • welcome dent.  it is nice to meet you.  i will look forward to many lively discussions with you.  in la'kech.

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Dent Snider commented on reynoldsk's video
"So I tried to find the information about registering for the workshop in Mt. Shasta on April 27-29 and was not able to find anything! How do I register for this. The direct link and embed codes were in a window that was too short so the entire codes…"
Feb 21, 2013
Dent Snider left a comment for Jose Ignacio Contreras
"I didn't realize just how powerful the words "I love you" are! That vedio moved me to tears. It felt so wonderful to hear and see all of those people telling me that they love me even though they don't know me. It was amazing. Thank you."
Sep 25, 2012
Dent Snider left a comment for nighteyes
"Thank you for the welcome nighteyes. I an a seeker of higher dimensional realities. I know Gaia is ascending and that I must match her rising vibration to stay with her. That's my focus. Akashic records of Gaia's history facinate me. I love history,…"
Sep 25, 2012
Dent Snider left a comment for J Adams253
"Thank you for the welcome J. I am sooo new I don't know what to say about almost anything. As for livley discussions, I hope we have some. I am on light body ascension path and feel that this, for me, is how I may be of greatest service to Gaia and…"
Sep 25, 2012

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ソウルライト SAN left a comment on Comment Wall
"Hi dears, I want to tell you a little bit about what I saw on TickTock and what I think about it. I'm talking about the so-called magical rituals. There are numerous videos on the subject. I myself have no intention of believing or imitating any of…"
2 minutes ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"My advice is drop Tik Tok, which is a Red Chinese abomination....It should be banned for public safety reasons....And I don't normally promote such bans....The UK government has banned it's use in certain executive circles..."
19 minutes ago
Drekx Omega commented on rev.joshua skirvin's blog post Salulsa: The I AM, Council Of Masters And Physical Remodeling..
"The usual mish mash of fact and fiction.....The Sirian sentence words are corrected as; "meladrin hi zabarin sa..........!!" Which means, "Because yes. we are all one...!"

Sirians do not use words such as; "Selatherin A-al Arjaten..!" For example,…"
23 minutes ago
RichRaelian left a comment on India
"Hi! I just joined your group because of my fascination with India's religions but I hope you'll still accept my membership here even though I don't technically live in India!"
28 minutes ago
RichRaelian liked rev.joshua skirvin's blog post Salulsa: The I AM, Council Of Masters And Physical Remodeling..
36 minutes ago
rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
Earth humanity is destined to ascend and nothing will stop until this happens completely.The forces that move towards everyone on the surface have ensured that each of you has more autonomy to choose the next steps, without so much interference from…
3 hours ago
Malcolm posted a blog post
The real trick in determining the horoscope of the Buddha is the Ascendant; the appearance of the individual often reveals clues for determining the Ascendant. Because the appearance of the Buddha's face and head are "globular" (along with nice…
4 hours ago
AlternateEarth left a comment on Comment Wall
"Drexk- I quit playing video games 25 years ago-drives you crazy
And how about Tik Tok?"
5 hours ago