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  • Thanks ,, out of the 4 I work with at the moment the fluorite singing skull is from china, the rose quartz I have no idea about, the dolomite was carved by Leandro and the quartz again no idea,, its actually a stunning skull with lots of rainbows and inclusions, including a tourmaline inclusion , and I belive it has resided with Synergy for a while, i try not to collect for the sake of it , and keep to purely the ones that Yell the loudest lol xx
  • Hi Denise
    I hear what your saying,, they sure call you. I stumbled accross the skulls purely by accident,, a friend online was doing a meditation to connect to the skulls ( i thought it was another fad to be honest) and everyone was taking part so rather than be on my own i thought what the heck the least i can have is a nice relaxing meditation,, little did I know what was in store
    I connected to a rather impressive dark green skull by the name of Orion and that was me ,, off at a million miles an hour ,, you know what its like when you have download from them lol
    I have been working with them ever since ,, One that keeps coming to me in dreams is a fantastically clear skull
    but it always comes through as being "the ruby skull" have you any awareness oif this one at all? blessings x
  • Hi Denise
    That must have been an amazing experience for you..... with 15 years under your belt of working with the skulls i bet you have a few tales to tell.. I myself have only been involved for around 2 years ,, and happened upon them quite by chance ( though i suppose it was syncronisity rather than chance :-) ) Look forward to sharing with you ,, blessings x
  • Hi.

    Yes, certainly is a small world eh and the internet draws people closer!
    I also have a special fondness for Sai Baba too....

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January 27

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Denise left a comment for Opal
"I like the way the skulls got I have had a vision of a large emerald coloured skull, it was suspended in space and turning, I got told three things it was in Egypt, contained the emerald tablets and was connected to Moses.... (still…"
Sep 13, 2010
Denise left a comment for Opal
"Hi Opal, thanks for your reply. After 15 years I should know more :) What I do know about the skulls is they call you. I had a dream one night and all these skulls were coming towards me through mid air...I called my friend later that day excited…"
Sep 12, 2010
Denise commented on indigostar82's photo
"Love your photo"
Sep 10, 2010
Denise left a comment for Opal
"Hi Opal, Sorry to take so long to get back to you it has been a busy week.
Like you I love the skulls. I was lucky enough to see Max about 15 years ago.
Then DAle Walker came to New Zealand with Rainbow and Zar (they stayed with me).
Crystals are a…"
Sep 10, 2010

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