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July 16

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I'm someone looking for new informations and teachings, living to become a better human being. I want to be part of the transmutation process our planet is part of now a days. I've been spending years of my life reading, studying and trying to be prepared for this moment, but at some point, I got lost, lost from the patch, lost from myself, lost from the I AM. Some years ago, I had a vision, in my vision, me and my family(sons, husband and a step daughter), we were in the middle of a huge storm, with very strong winds and we were very close to lose all our strenghts when I suddenly reminded myself about creating a circle with them, holding hands and projecting a blue light around us, around that circle we had done. Imediately I felt we were safe. The storm was there, around us, but we were safe. While I was doing all the efforts to keep the blue light around us, a spaceship started to land and stopped few feets above the ground. A door was opened and a sort of light patch kind of appeared from the spaceship to the ground, very close to where we were. A creature showed up at the door. The only thing I could see about that 'people', was that he ( I knew it was a masculine energy) was made by pure light. So, we started walking to the light, to the inside of the spaceship. We climbed that light patch and we were sheltered by the "light man", who guested us, with open arms and somehow, smiling. I felt we were going back home, wherever it was. Besides, along my tunning as a Reiki Master, right in front of my closed eyes, someone showed up and when I mentally asked about who was he, he whispered: I'm Ishtar...That was the name I understood at that moment. Few months ago, when I first got a message from this site, translated to Portuguese, I simply saw the same image right in front of me again, so I started wondering if It would be possible that I had understood the name he gave me wrong and if instead of Ishtar, he was Ashtar. I still don't know it for sure, but if the message arrived to me, I think I'm part of this process, I feel an urgency to put myself on it. That's what I'm doing at this very moment, expecting and wishing you can accept me as a member.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

My Reiki Master, Rejane Leopoldina Medeiros. Osho. My sons. My (ex) husband. The life. The Universe. My SELF and Archangel Michael, who is always by my side.

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  • Daisy, I am grateful for your friendship, and through this image from Lungold where you can see that we are in the last level of our evolution and every 20 day's we are having a new evolution. Because between this 2 reseachers, they have a small dilema, Caleman say every 18 day's , who is right, I will not know and to be honest on a 26 billion years go started evolution, I dont think that 2 day's will really make a big difference!


  • What a pleasure to meet you! I can tell we are going to be good friends. I look forward to laughing and learning with you!

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Daysi Camargo Marques left a comment for David
"Tks David, it's my pleasure and about laughing and learning, they're both great things to be shared!
Jun 17, 2010
Daysi Camargo Marques left a comment for David
"Hi David,

Tks for adding me as your friend. Might the light and peace be with you, today, always!"
Jun 10, 2010
Daysi Camargo Marques commented on Madelaine's blog post Message from Archangel Michael, June 2010
"Thank you Archangel Michael for all you have represented and still represents in my life. And thank you Ben-Arion for sharing this message."
Jun 7, 2010
Daysi Camargo Marques commented on Ben-Arion's blog post Feeling Things Is a Human Right, By Ben-Arion
"Thank you Ben-Arion for allowing me to join this comunity and for the message above. I'm all gratitude and love at this very moment."
Jun 7, 2010

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