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  • Dawn, I recently came across a great site -  It's up on all the goings on in the world, very informative & interesting.  I listen everyday.   I'm reading "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden; also on YouTube. Very Good for Energy Work.  Keep searching, you will find the answers you're looking for, I'm sure.  Im also an artist (trying to draw again) and an animal lover.  It's good to know there's someone with same interests; although I'm sure you're looking for female friends/cohorts to talk to.  Look at your star sign on the astrological calendar; this will tell you a little about yourself.  

  • Drake's interview with David Wilcox on March 28, 2012 regarding Imminent
    Mass (12 parts)

    Click to Listen

    What to Know, What to Do, and What Not to Do

    NOTE:  The above is an image or screen shot that was sent to us.  We apologize for the typographical errors, but are not responsible

    for them.  In the title, the word "Immenint" should be "Imminent" and in the first column where it speaks of "marshal" law, the word
    should be "martial"
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August 20

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I am a lover and very creative, i believe in life outside our planet and am convinced they soon will show them selves. Im a artist and a mother and love animals and nature. Learning is the key

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"Can i ask you a question that maybe you can help me with? If yes i would be very greatful. If not i understand you dont want to be bothered. Thank you either way. xxx"
May 16, 2013

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"Thanks Valana, so glad to hear you are a Christian, you said if we have something positive can post here?  I would love to"
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"Thanks for sharing, Beth...discernment, as I feel it, evolves and shifts with us...fine-tuning and deepening along the's all part of the journey...💛🦋"
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"This is from the Movie:"Heal" on Netflix Channel. That are Life Storys."
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"You can heal a lot yourself with the self-healing powers of the body. It is mainly the diseases that occur due to stress. We sometimes take a lot of medicines and a lot of it causes even more illnesses. They just have to go into themselves and use a…"
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