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March 8

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So, having had an accidental, unwarranted, but very real in my eyes kundalini awakening, plus other synchronisities, I can't lie to myself and not see myself as what could defined as "starseed." Yet given that, im still figuring myself out as a 20 year old, much less as someone with a mission to perform. Any little bit helps, so much love and light for the lost and confused out there on their own journey. Still, if any people out there think this isn't real and interesting thing aren't just ahead, you are in for a wild ride, cause what has happened to me, and im sure to alot of people, vindicatates that the universe is a far more awesome place than we can imagine. Knowing a little bit about DMT also helps too.

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Krishnamurti, Gibran, The Law of One material, Ed Steinbrecher, Ken Carey

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  • You're welcome bro. Thank you for understanding me like that =). I feel you too, and that day shall indeed come! Never did I naturally fit in with this place like many, but learning to adapt while being me, and sharing the great message with as much as I can, that we are indeed divine, and that what we see is nothing close to all that we get ;D. Have a great week, take it easy too my friend. ~*

    Love, light and joy x ~*
  • Hi, I did join the Yahoo "Law of One" group and offered them all a free copy of "Event Horizon subtitle One and All" which was channelled in 1994 - many people took up the option and resonated with the material. If you would like an e copy of the second one just email me at thetruthwillsetyoufreenow@yahoo.co.uk with EVENT HORIZON in the subject line and you will get it within 24 hours. If you resonate with the material then please vote for it here http://www.nexttopauthor.com/?aid=14 The reason I have entered it in the contest is so that it has the possibility for being published and read across the globe, because of the importance of the message. First book is still available on Amazon.co.uk even though it went out of print years ago when the publisher Gateway books retired to his safe place! secondhand copies are best to get at around £9 as the new copies go for around £56 as they are seen as rare and valuable now. Namaste Linda
  • Welcome!!!
    May you always walk in the Love and Light!
    Many Blessings!
  • Dear David G. Triana, The warmest welcome to you to the Ashtar Command Crew. I hope that you find what you are looking for here. Everything Happens for a Reason. Come by my page and if it resonates with you please add me as a friend...Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun

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David G. Triana left a comment for André
"thanks for the very flattering comments man and add, ill do my best to apply in my own life whatever halfassed self knowledge im able to muster, but I wish you well in your journey, I hope good things lie ahead in your own path. take it easy man."
Apr 19, 2010
David G. Triana left a comment for Oen Libertatum
"thanks for the add man, best of luck on your journey. Believe me when I say I feel ya on longing for a home we've never been on, but hey, its an amazing universe out there, just a matter of place and time. take it easy."
Apr 19, 2010
David G. Triana left a comment for Kiisha Arnold
"welcome aboard, hope you find what you're looking for!"
Apr 17, 2010
David G. Triana left a comment for marlak
"jeje, yo nunca termine el libro de Barbara Hand Clowe, me interesaba lo que decia, pero parecia demasiado a un capitulo perdido del Senor de los Anillos. Pero si deberias algun dia leer el Ra Material, o la Ley de Uno, algo muy fascinante, te…"
Apr 17, 2010

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According to scientists and politicians, extraterrestrials could be living in our midst. We may be unintentionally in touch with them on a daily basis or even within our bodies. 1. Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian…
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"I explained the new ice age on this blog.....It relates to the Grand Solar Minimum....

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Beloved ones we greet you,Energetic forces are expanding daily on the planet, these energies are here in support of you in the re-establishment of your own inner sacred connections. The time is now to step forward and claim your place within the…
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"What's with the ice age like conditions globally? Anyone have any ideas?
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"When the artificial intelligence system collapses, the lying of leading rich figures of the human world will finally disappear. Right now, it is in its infancy and we are experiencing the final wave of chaos.…"
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"Get ready, the monetary abandonment is upon us.
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