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  • Hi 8114456688?profile=originalDarryl, thanks so much for the friendship conneciton!  Looking forward to your posts and sharing..... Much love and eternal blessings on this wonderful and amazing journey we all share....

  • This is the post as made on Ascension Earth on 20/9/2012. Not on the 21/9/2012 as Daryl has stated. (furthermore my first post on this site was on the 22/9/2012, not the 21/9/2012 as Daryl has stated.

    Peter Karanikas said...

    The timing and manner of my ascension is mine alone to choose. Ascension is about the love in your heart, not what you consume. Ascension is about the conviction you have in what you do. not what you do.
    If I follow the habit analogy to its logical conclusion, I have juice fasted on numerous occasions for 2 week periods and I believe that food is just as addictive, just as habitual as any narcotic. and ultimately, just as deadly. People stop smoking, which is a legal habit, and they put on 20 kilos overnight because they have not addressed the addiction, which is the hunger they can no longer satisfy.
    If there is an addiction to drugs it is that they have been the vehicle that has allowed me touch the face of the creator on countless occasions. To have 5d experiences (at bush doofs for years now , ha ha, I can see you:) on a 3d planet. They have been the tools that have allowed me to open portals to my higher self. The keys to unlock wisdom, if not details from my past experiences. The chemicals of alchemy that have allowed me to discover the mastery that exists within me. They have been the mirror of my dark side which has allowed me to make peace with areas of me that I would simply not have looked into if left to my own devices. Likewise for my friends who have adopted this philosophy.
    If all is from God then all roads lead to God. And when I have done all that is required of me on this plane I know that God will be waiting for me with open arms, no matter the manner in which I find Him.
    My habit, my addiction, is to be at one with The Creator whilst on Earth as quickly as possible. And everything else I do is in support of that. If that means abstinence, then so be it, If that means consumption, then so be it. If it means going to a big white building and dropping to my knees in prayer with the other addicted attendees the so be it. If it means siting in a room on my own listening to countless channellings day in day out the so be it.
    This does not negate the intent that i gave yesterday. Rather a validation of my path thus far. And much has happened in a short space of time to allow a meld of both beliefs.
    What is not negotiable is my purity of purpose in my search for the Creator of the Universe. Because He exists within me. And He is only a heartbeat away whenever I need to feel Him. And nothing I do or take, or otherwise will change that.

    This is what i believe drives my ascension.
    I infuse my every decision and action with the intention of greater love.

    September 20, 2012 1:29 AM

    And this was Daryl's reply almost immediately afterwards.

    Darryl Terry said...

    Well spoken message, Peter Karanikas!


    I hope your reading that, Greg Giles. That's how it's done.

    I bet you, Peter, 100 hundred dollars, that Greg Giles produces another negative message tomorrow.
    September 20, 2012 1:51 AM

    And this is the link to the page.

  • Thanks, here is Peter K.'s latest accusation:  

    Reply by Peter Panayiotis Karanikas 13 hours ago

    Dear Daryl, i want for you to know that I have sent The administrators a message that I am feeling harassed by you. And that you have committed acts of fraud by altering dates of my postings, altering my postings, and introduced posts of mine from other websites and claimed they were made here in order to justify claims that you have made.

    Leave me alone or I will have no choice but to consider my options. This is defamation of character.

    If you have a problem that you want to discus I AM happy to do so in private. As I have asked of you prior. I want to sort it out. Because this i boring.

    And if I may stoop to your level for a moment,


    My apologies I just lost control for a moment.


    Apparently, Peter K. is reviewing my comments because he said this:
     Reply by Peter Panayiotis Karanikas 35 minutes ago

    Sorry lalit, I've removed my post, I just saw One has informed Daryl of my post so I've removed it to prevent any further bloodshed. Happy to repost it in a private message if you like.

    Are you reading this, Peter K.?  You will have to provide proof of your accusation.  Good Luck with that.

  • These are the comments I sent to Peter K. when he was sending comments to marina trying to get her to join him against me by sending her hateful comments about me:
    At 6:27am on October 13, 2012, Darryl said…

    Peter, please stop posting hateful comments about me on marina's page.  Are you not man enough to face me directly?  Trying to involve other people to your side against me won't work.  Another comment on marina's page will be reported to Ben-Arion and admin and the beginning of removing you from this site.  To not blame me or anyone if you followed a fake channeled imposter as fake as his "higher self" posting.  And I have been past the "Havest" post.  Here is one for you to read.  I hear Greg removed it.



    At 4:13am on October 13, 2012, Darryl said…

    Ah, Peter K, one of Greg Giles loyal disciples.  Please try not to get in between me and marina.  If you want to come after me, here on the Ashtar Command, you can comment on my profile page.  Besides, your on the wrong site.  If you go to Greg's LAST "CHANNELED MESSAGE" The Harvest, there is a link that will take you to Greg Giles blog site.  Please leave our site and go back to your masters blog which has 30 people or less that Greg is now reduced to channeling his "higher self" now to try to persuade followers.  Thank you for your time and Good bye.

  • Thank you for the add! :) ~Ikse

  • I am honored to be you friend, thanks.

  • Hi Darryl,

    Thank you for your friendship!...

  • Hello Darryl :) And thanks for adding me...

    How are you in thoose upliftingtimes?


    With big hug from me8114451100?profile=original

  • Sorry, One, it got messed up a bit.  Peter K. came from Greg Giles blog site.  His intent was to get back at me for me and others debunking Greg Giles messages.  It looks like he and Feather Winger has hit it off since he got here.  But that didn't stop from his main mission.  Which he is now fully exposed.  He hasn't replied since.  Be interesting to see what he does next, thou.     

  • Part 2. 

    At 6:30pm on October 23, 2012, Darryl said…

    I don't know what your trying to accomplish with your "I love you" responses, but if you can't respond normally, then I request that you don't respond back to me at all.  If you are genuine trying to be good, then you will honor my request.  If you do not, or replace it with another robotic response, I know you are playing a game and is dishonest.  Thank you and have a good day.

    At 7:00pm on October 23, 2012, Peter Panayiotis Karanikassaid…

    Dear Daryl, I will now ask you to stop posting on my page. If you do so again I will go to the administrators and tell them that I AM feeling harassed by you. 

    I love you.


    At 8:03pm on October 23, 2012, Darryl said…

    THANK YOU FOR REVEALING YOUR TRUE INTENTIONS!!!  By your response, your true purpose for saying "I love you" was for negative intent!!  For official purposes, I have copied all transactions.  Furthermore, eyewitness's of your comments to marinia will be gathered of your intentions there, as well as your first attack on me and your smear attack.  Please report your "harassment", WITH PROOF,  to admin.   Thank you again for providing me and showing everyone here, of who you are and your true intentions! 

    Peter K. said this while I was copying his comments:
    At 7:13pm on October 23, 2012, Peter Panayiotis Karanikassaid…

    feel free to P.M me if there is anything you want to talk about.

    I am adding AC member "One" comment in addition:

    At 7:16pm on October 23, 2012, One said…

    hi dar

This reply was deleted.





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March 16

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Recently found out about my star self - I am part Arcturian, part Pleidian and mostly Sirian. Came to earth for the first time on Atlantis as a scientist. My channeling guide, O'rah and I worked together as one. I am working to merge together to help the people for the coming shift. I am working on projects that will help us get free of the cabal and have a smooth transition from 3rd to 5th.

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My channeling teacher, Betsy Morgan, her channeling guide, Orion. My channeling guide, O'rah. Michael Ellegion - channel for Ashtar, ascended masters and light beings

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Feb 23, 2015
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"Thanks, also, for your expression, Ogdoo!  :)
I hear what your saying.  Most spiritual people would say "Change within and your change without", but we are still under the cabal control.  There has to be something, some sort of event that will…"
Feb 13, 2015

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