April 28

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  • Good morning Daraji and welcome to the group. Glad that to have the oportunity to share among us so together we can go ahead in our path of ascension.
    It please me the fact that more and more people form Peru are getting into New Age staff. I was born in Lima and lived there until 1985 then I moved over the States and when I was there no many people talked about this issues.
    Well I say bye for now and again welcome...

    Warm hugs,

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  • Hey Daraji! Australia says "HELLO!" I had quite a quite an experience with an Ashtar community in Melbourne, but since coming to the Gold Coast 15 years ago I lost touch, that is until this site, the reason I write to you is that I plan to be in your neck of the woods some time next year and I was wondering if there is an established community there?
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Daraji replied to Merryn's discussion Spiral of light in Norway skies
"i wonder, will it be around the globe?
hope it gets to peru light
lots of love, just now we need it more!"
Dec 9, 2009
Daraji replied to Captain A's discussion The Difficulties Of Living On Earth - How Do We Deal With It?
"As tinywing said: I couldn't express this better! I totally agree.
unfornutately im one of those lonely beings, but full of joy at the same time.
I m also discovering that here in peru the number of awaken beings is growing!! the change is being…"
Nov 14, 2009
Daraji replied to Madelaine's discussion *JESHUA* - Remembering You Are Love in The Ascended Masters
"lovely!!!!! ¨There is a remembering, an awakening, of great magnitude upon the planet¨.: isnt it beautiful to have been born just right now to see and participate in this unfolding?????????????????????????????????????????????maravilloso.…"
Sep 27, 2009
Daraji left a comment for Mario
"Hi Mario!nice to find a peruvian in the states. it´s been 13 years u left! Lima has changed so much in the last years.
Nowadays there are more ppl interested in these issues, and i´m so happy i´m part of this silence and slow motion that is takin…"
Sep 12, 2009

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