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Hello, I am a Scotland. I am interested in mysteries such as UFOs, Ets, Atlantis, Inner Earth, secret bases on the moon and mars and any unexplained mysteries. I also like to spend time in nature I am writing a book that moulds the spiritworld through nature and the world of man through medieval and ancient Greek history. Combining these things and I am using it as a means to assist with ascention.

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Okoro, Lady Nada, Barack Obama, Sananda, Atmos.

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  • Thank you Draco ... ;))


  • Scotland... well, it is just as good as France for freedom-loving and better even for good whisky...best in the world. I can't drink it very often, but whenever I do, a good single malt from Scotland is the only stuff worthy of abusing my liver. And, what a history! When the Romans had conquered all of Europe, North Africa, and made the Mediterranean their own Lake, they went up to Britain. But when they got to Scotland, they had to build a wall to keep the Scots out. Now that is a real mark of historical distinction! I don't know my family tree in detail, but I can claim to have 3/4's of my inherited genes from the British Isles and ther is a good chance that I have some Scottish blood. In America, many of us have lost much of our knowledge of ancestral heritage. I have some Cherokee, Three grandparents with names coming from various parts of great Britain and a surname from somewhere in Northern Europe. That particular guy was possibly Prussian and fortunate enough to catch a boat to the New World and avoid conscription to fight Napoleon at waterloo. Other branches had been over here since before the Revolutionary war. A farce, IMO, since London still tells the US what to do. America is as about as independent from England as I am from my ass!

  • I am pleased to have a new friend, especially a Frenchman!  Way back in the 90's, a Frenchman named Pascal Seres and I were crewmen on a fishing boat in Alaska.  He was a veteran of the French Foreign Legion and had a great attitude.  he travelled freely in the world and believed that the only thing anyone had to know about him was that he was a free Frenchman and that was all anyone needed to know!  "I'm French and the world is free as far as I'm concerned.  I go where I want when I want"!  If you know someone of that name, just tell him that I remember the "Cheap Dude", our captain and he will know who I am.  God bless France and the french.

  • The book looks really interesting!

  • Dragons are for real! And you are one, just like me! The Reptilian Legacy lives on! Be Well. Sadness has a point.

  • Sometimes I get the strong feeling that something has changed, but I am the only person who notices it has changed.  It could be anything from a physical change in an object or your body or anything.  Well one of the explanations I could think of for this is that I was in a different parallel universe and for some reason I switched places with the soul of a parallel self.  The reason could be that my soul vibration changed, and my alternate self’s vibration changed so we switched universes to more match our current vibration.  It could be that these switches take place often, but normally you should not retain any physical memory of this as memory should be stored in the physical brain which did not transfer over.  In the case of us here who do put some effort to be connected with “source”.  We may access our old memory from there even inadvertently, sort of like a cloud server.  Then a small detail gets mixed in with the new brain we are occupying and it throws everything off.  It could be like a cup had broken in our old universe, but all of a sudden it exists again in perfect form in your kitchen, and you know you have solid memory of it being broken, and all the feelings and memories that go along with that.

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  • Hi.  Just stopping by to say hello and to tell you I am thinking of you.  I started the new year with a bang....got food poisoning from some spoiled soup....yucky....but starting to feel a little better now, thank goodness.  Well here's to hoping for a better 2013.  I refuse to let hype be a part of my life any longer.  My disappointment runs deep with the whole ascention 2012 hype and it has me looking for more answers as ever before.  I am crawling down the rabbit hole to see why this whole fiasco happened and what the whole purpose of the hype was in the first place.  I am finding some interesting answers, but more than that I am finding more questions, lol...

    Well my thoughts and prayers are with you, just wanted to let you know that, but hopefully you already did, lol.  Have a wonderful weekend Miles, and never give up searching for the truth.  Be not afraid to follow the path where ever it may lead you.  Keep writing, and I will do the same, we are destined to put our thoughts and emotions in written form, of this I am sure...



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DRACO replied to Luke Skywalker's discussion God Save the Queen, The Fascist Regime
"Not that I am a huge fan of the monarch, the crowns of Scotland and England have been united since 1603, so there actually has not been any king or queen of England for more than 400 years. Try and get your facts straight - it's pretty insulting…"
Feb 2, 2015
DRACO posted a discussion
This is a really interesting article about asking aliens directly for first contact and things that are going to happen in the near future. Check the link out at the bottom of the page and distribute widely - big changes are coming…
Feb 2, 2015
DRACO replied to DRACO's discussion Twin Flames/ Twin Souls
"OK, thanks for all your help and information John, it is very much appreciated."
Dec 29, 2014
DRACO replied to DRACO's discussion Twin Flames/ Twin Souls
"Thanks for that John L... so you have actually met your twin but are not together? I'm not clear on what you mean."
Dec 25, 2014

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"thank you Drekx, if the products are cheaper I'll buy it on eBay, but, Dr Berg has a European shop (https://drberg.eu/en/) which is helpful also, cheers!"
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