December 13

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I am a natural healer and are trained in Usui &Tibetan Reiki Do and am currently training in Reiki Kundalini 9 and working my way through the Pleiadian Workbook I also learned or was guided to a couple of my own methods of healing. Right now I am interested in starting a Reiki share in my community so I can be sneeky and give away free healing lol

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Judith Conroy has been a huge help in jump-starting this new era in my journey. My Grandfather on the other side has also been legendary. Tsu Mongolo My Reiki guide also needs much thanks alongside my angels Azariel etc. who have never steered me wrong. And lately through the use of the Pleiadian workbook the Pleiadians have also played an integral role

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  • Oh the honor is mine!  Looking forward to more sharing and caring :) 


  • It's odd that you talked about reiki as I've ran across this many times. Recently I've been getting the urge to work with my hands in helping people clear blockages. I am already aligning myself through yoga, holistic healing, and working with essential oils. I've always been curious about alternative healing since a child, but lately I've been absorbing information and just running with it. Lol. I just can't sit still.

  • cool song if you have you tube we run the night havanah the night will lift you up and give you goosies heheh lol

  • That we are our vibration is high as our mother earth is higher we vibrate to her frequency she lifts so do we blessings to you and our earth mother

  • Blessings dear one wow the kiwis are flocking to the ship

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Breaking news: an historical event is upon us
Nov 2, 2020
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"Drop me a line @ darkzownkilla@gmail.com I will attune you to the Reiki vibrations which will boost your natural gift even more if you so choose, and then you can use your energy empowered by Reiki and the Ascended Masters I work with to heal, I can…"
Aug 23, 2012
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"Thank you it is nice to hear from a kindred spirit :)"
May 9, 2012
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"whoami I do hear your point but it is only a title for the group of people that gets direct direction from the Ashtar Command on which ways to help that would be for the higher good and this is open to anyone, what would you prefer I say "come join…"
Apr 29, 2012

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"The aurorae are a blessing for Earth...and utterly beautiful to behold....

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"Just think how much healing this planet is in need of...Generally, but also due to the great harms caused by the covid vaccine...
Just think and feel for all those suffering people, all over the world, who's lives have been ruined by evil…"
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"Aktaiwa stargate, in the Sirius B system, is now sending additional frequencies of blue creational light, including a newly invoked healing ray, for the entire galaxy...
The NINE are relaying ever more refined energies to us, from Lord Surea..…"
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"This link is absolutely true....A good reference to current ascension progress...Sandra Walter knows the matter well...

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"Yes, absolutely true....Thanks for posting.."
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| SourceBeloved Ones,The current planetary energies that we are consciously embodying are nothing like we have ever experienced before on our planet.A cosmic blessing and response from our Aurora family to the shift that is taking place in many of…
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The conclusion of events taking place on Earth seems inevitable, as countries that feel threatened by them are uniting into two distinct groups for their protection. Steps are being carried out to try and calm things down but some countries seem set…
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| SourceBlessings Beloveds~There are a myriad of reactions, upgrades, changes, and experiences that come with powerful plasma influxes and exposure to cosmic rays like we had last weekend.Sustained, multi-day KP 8 + geomagnetic storms are a gift:…
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