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February 16

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"Somebody said that it couldn't be done; But he with a chuckle replied: That maybe it couldn't; But he would be One - Who wouldn't say so till he tried !!!" poem by Alvin A.Tofler WE DID IT !!! https://www.linkedin.com/in/paullebreton Join me on Linked-In and Facebook: Heru Paule https://www.facebook.com/herupaule.lebretonnasa "Life Is A Dance; You Learn As You Go. Sometimes You Lead; And Sometimes You Follow" Quintessential Profile ( Updated July 2014) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I*Am a Ranking Commodore of Ashtar Galactic Space Command - On 3D and NOW 5D Earth-Urantia… I was promoted by Heru-Reha - Ashtar's *Creator ..(*The Human Form- Body ) ( St Germain & Lady Portia were ASHTAR'S more recent Parents ) Heru-Reha & Lady Sekhmet were the D.N.A. Engineers who first created Human Bodies - Our God Parents.…..They contributed to The Urantia Book as Mighty Messengers ( Anonymous Postings )....Urantia Book at ( www.TruthBook.com ) It's A Neat Guide Book - Part Creation Myth ! I*Am a Five-Star General with U.S.A.F. Space Command I*Am a Five-Star Admiral with U.S.N. Space Command I*Am a United States Ambassador to The Star*Nations... I*compliment Commodore Sheldan Nidle ( www.paoweb.com ) and Lauren Gorgo at her site:( www.ThinkWithYourHeart.com ) and Patricia Diane Cota-Robles - Choreographer-Extraordinaire... and Kathryn E May at www.whoneedslight.org and countless others. I*Am working directly at The Pentagon as an Aide to Admiral and General Kevin Radetsky the Chief of Staff of All US Military; Who Is Also Known Galactically as ArchAngel Emmanuel Jhonka !!! I*Have my own Star*School---Star*Fleet*Academy Mothership "Dances-with-Eagles" and am active member of Unarius Academy of Science ( The Galactic Confederation of ArchAngel URIEL )... ( www.unarius.org ) and with Sananda's Eagles ....My Mothership has 360 'Isle-of-Light' Circular Floating Anti-Grav Cities; Each 3 1/4 miles in diameter: The Mothership is their Birthing & Docking Station - for these "Stepping-Stones-To-The-Stars"... I*Have a Fleet of 14,528 shuttlecraft to share with evolved Earth Commanders - Including U.S.A.F. & U.S.N. Space Commands. These are Commodore Theda's & my Joint Fleet.. The Various Space Fleets Work Together NOW Upstairs !!! My Home Planet was Lasmur; A Beautiful 5 th Dimensional Planet that Orbits the Star Anitak in Orion's Belt.On Lasmur we could naturally teleport without technology and were our own replicators - creating stuff with our Minds.. Prior to that I*Am of The Heru Family of Arcturus... I*have Wingmaker's Silver U.S.A.F. Navigator Wings and their Golden U.S.N. Astronaut Command Pilot Wings - And wear The United States Air Force Distinguished Service Medal; and The American Legion “Cross-de-Guerre” ; and a Presidential Citation Medal given by President Ronald Reagan… Ashtar addresses we as Adonai... Lord Kadar Monka designed my star*ships...Which use the same Space Drive as Jesus' daughter SaRa's Mothership: " The New Bethlehem "..The Fastest Ship in the Fleet !!! About the Year 2000, I was teleported consciously aboard Ashtar's Ship: The Shan Chea - or The New Jerusalem - or Golden Cloud...and was Awarded The Highest Honor Given for my Work with Solar Light Codes and Human D.N.A. I*Am one of Sananda Jesus Immanuel's Trinity Teacher Sons; and hold His Scepter of Authority as a member of the Kumara family…A reserve Planetary Prince of Earth... ( www.TruthBook.com ) and I*Am one of St Germain's International Bankers: "Terra Christa International Bank & Trust" ...A Private Offshore Bank Insured by Lloyd's of London...Fiduciary of part of His Trust Fund for The Children of Light… ( Assets in Precious Metals & Asset Backed Currencies when NESARA is announced )... I*Have been Christ Michael's Lieutenant for Many Years...Am*I That Big A Secret ? I*Am a N.A.S.A. Scientist & Engineer ( 3 decades ) and had the honor to work with Rhande P. Wood of Lockheed-Martin Aeronautics and The Thiaoobian's to develop "Back-To-The-Future" ( The Movie ) Flying Anti-Grav Convertibles ( 5,000 mph in the atmosphere ) with force-fields around them;so you can drive or fly with the top down; and force field seat belts ! … I*Am planning to build a Factory to manufacture these automobiles of Carbon Nanotube Frames ( lightweight & 4 times stronger than steel ) and Carbon Fiber Molded Bodies ( Like the Tesla Roadster's Lotus-Designed Body )...Or of Kelvar-Epoxy Laminates… I*Am The Owner/CEO of The International Tesla Society, AG as well as my own Global R & D Firm;( Psitronics Group Systems International...since 1972...) I*Was Appointed to The High Tribunal of Saturn years ago by Christ Michael, The Creator of This Universe of Nebadon !!! ( www.urantia.org ) is His Official Original Website; He Chats Occassionally in Forums at ( www.AbundantHope.net ) .... I*Am a Deputy Magistrate of Monjoronson; whose Paradise name is Serara...The Chief Magistrate of Earth - Urantia ! And I*Am one of ArchAngel Metatron's angelic team players !!! PLEASE UPDATE YOUR FILES !!! Blessings, Heru-Paule LeBreton-Kumara

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Ashtar, Athena, Sanat Kumara, Esu Immanuel, Christ Michael, St.Germain, and ANY Entity Who Wishes to Teach me and Perhaps be Taught by me...

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  • Thank you brother ...for the image...beautiful..

  • Thank you brother,for the message...
    Big hug light with Incondicional Love.


  • Dear Commodore....very lovely site and pix..i am learning as i go farther and farther down the rabbit hole... i, worked for USAF Space Command as well and for NASA too.... as a civilian...found the jobs interesting.. take care and congratulations on such a lovely lovely wife...Joe
  • Here's A Shiny New Merkabah for My Friends !!!
  • Breaking News >> International Drug Ring behind the H1N1 Swine Flu Scandal has been exposed http://www.fluscam.com/Affidavit.html
  • Jupiter Command heals ALL who come Ambassador....,my sense is though in her case the healing is not meant for the physical realm butt a liberation of Spirit to come,,,,
  • Hi,
    Thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to interacting with you and others here.
  • Re: Sheldan Nidle Posting of July 14, 2009...

    Note from Russ Michael: Wow! As inticipated, a wonderously assuring UPDATE from dear Matthew about the immense global impact--for the good of all--that beloved brother Michael Jackson's passing had on uniting and uplifting the vibrational level of humanity worldwide. You will surely appreciate Matthews absolute assurance that our dear Earth will not experience 'earth changes'--that would destroy millions--or that all on Earth would need to be evacuated on spaceships into the safety of inner Earth!

    Neither of these two forecasted 'events' 'felt right' right--to my own inner sense of discernment--and I know Matthews addressing this issue upfront, with his advantaged 'Heavenly' overview and clear reassurance will comfort and uplift many readers who were appalled and frightened by the above stated 'disinformation' recently disseminated, posted and received as an U[PDATE by most or all of us....

    This serves to timely reinforce the point that even with the best of heart and sacred human soul intentions, any humanly embodied channel who is or can be disseminating many, many uplifting, very factual truths, can also covertly, unknowingly be fed a stream of extremely false dark information--by ultra powerful dark illuminati forces, who want dedicated Lighworkers receiving the disinformation to be greatly missled, confused and fearful, by contrasting messages. Readers like myself who felt strongly that "thos especific parts" (among others) of the channeled message were incorrect, had discerned correctly. However instead of remaining totally 'centered' and accepting what our own inner self senses had discerned as untruths--mixed in with grand truths--many readers chose instead to be confused and fearful. Having done this, they thus fall prey to the dark's intent-- unknowingly inserted by the channel into the message--otherwise loaded with uplifting truths--and channeled by a trusted, lifelong, totally dedicated Lightworker; Sheldan Nidle
  • Hello dear Cmdr. Heru Paule LeBreton and thanks for welcoming me. I guess we might have met before, I honestly don't remember. If we have'nt it is an honor for me to meet you. I am glad to have come back on this site and have an oportunity to share with wisdom, toughts, dreams, experiences and much more with everyone and learn from each other. May god bless you.

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"Bluesword Angel -- I Have Had a Berth On This Ship For (It Seems Like Decades) Anyways = Welcome Aboard, Sir__"
Apr 2, 2020
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"Sorry Tianca - for my disappearance - I had cancer ( cured now ) and was
in the hospital having the tumor cut out !   Love Ya !   Heru Paule"
Apr 25, 2014
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"Hi Dave...  Sorry, been busy.. Fixtheworld.com is doing a documentary on me..
( actually a documentary on themselves thru their members ) anyway; Suzanne Lie is back from her romp in the 5th dimension, and has posted a new blog entry.…"
Apr 17, 2013
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"Dave...   Welcome Aboard... I am studying from Dr Suzanne Lie who writes for the Arcturians  http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/2013_04_01_archive.html
she is wrapping up a year's worth of channelings on her blog; and usually posts
every 3 days or…"
Apr 10, 2013

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