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December 15

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Very interested in zero point energy electo magnetic generators and hydrogen electrolysis devices. Always been attracted to esoteric matters.

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T. Lobsang Rampa, Ian Lungold

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  • Hey! You're welcome. I was searching to see if anyone in Trini had joined but no such luck. At least u are in JA. My dads jamaican and i've lived there (in kingston). Lovely place. Congrats on being awake! :)
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Colin L. replied to rlmstudio's discussion GETTING GNARLY NOW... My Wife Just Asked Me To Leave My Own Home since I AM SCARING HER !!@?%!!
"Wow, take it all in bro and suck it up. I too was going through similar domestic "troubles" then a friend sent me this meditation. I hope it calms your soul and gives you the strength to endure.
I open my heart to You, dear God, and let Your peace…"
Jun 24, 2012
Colin L. posted a blog post
I'd like to share a meditation that I received from a friend.Father, I come to you this day with great joy in my heart, for I want nothing more than to enjoy this connection, this moment, this time alone with You -- to feed my soul, to come back to…
Jun 24, 2012
Colin L. left a comment for Averi Powell
"Hi Averi:

Just a note to say thanks."
Sep 18, 2010
Colin L. left a comment for Shari Blake
"Hi Shari,

It's been awhile since I've been on this site....been busy. How's Trini? see you have a new PM"
Sep 18, 2010

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Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
Awakening time 
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AlternateEarth left a comment on Comment Wall
"More bizarre shite from the loonie left;
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Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"Yes, theoretical physics have become a religion! No one bothers to check if actually 'no signal can move faster than light'. The scriptures say so, so it must be so!!

In true science, we have no way of 'proving' a NEGATION.We can only falsify it.…"
41 minutes ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"This is the fiscal trend that shall bring prosperity to all nations, eventually.....The future is one without debt......A future free of central banks...

1 hour ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Maybe the theory of physics loses out to what actually happens, in practice....?? That ETs move faster than light speed....I prefer to trust my own senses on these visitors, rather then some "expert," pontificating in some "science" paper, about…"
1 hour ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"So Sirius is 8 light years away! According to mainstream physics, Sirians will never learn of Ukraine war until at least 2030! If they will send a word, we will receive it at 2038!😆

The universe of theoretical physics is so lonely and dull!…"
3 hours ago
ET Hugger left a comment on Comment Wall
"Got it! 🤗"
4 hours ago