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  • hi there, I found something realy interesting about the origins of Christianity. Enjoy


  • my sources are mainly in the book I told you about, pretty thick and thorough, and many others of the kind, helping me put the puzzle into place. The thing is that when the priests took Cesarion and even before that they suggested that wanted to to revive the egyptian culture once again, and looks like they managed quite well. It was their only chance to triumph over a militarised roman world. There is a lot to say, probably my visit in Egypt in 1999 played a big role in my obsession. Ever since I had strange dreams that kept me charged.

  • In the book I mentioned you about, which I read about 12 years ago, is said that when she was pregnant with Cesarion she saw a star, a commet, very much alike with what Mary, Jesus mother saw. Then when the roman troops came and took over in Alexandria she sent Cesarion (being in mortal danger) to the holy egyptian priests, to guard him and instruct. Never heard of him since. Might be even Jesus as there were only about 30 years difference in time, and also He once have said "Give Cezar what belongs to Cezar", of course highly interprated. Another thing is that it is a fact that she resurected Alexander in his tumb in Alexandria, as crazy as it sounds, and who knows what happened, I don't have any information about it.

    I'm happy to talk about it

  • I used to by expensive books before, now I look for them mostly on the net (crisis times :(((). Thanks for the tip, I'm fascinated with egyptology as well as Alexander to Cleopatra affecting Jesus times as well. I feel there are a lot not said and I'm on to it. Can you believe they made her a whore when she was a goddess? That reminds me a bit of Mary Magdalene, maybe there's something to it 

  • thanks for accepting my friend request, feel we have a lot in common

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"Thanks 4 posting that vid Carmen. It's fantastic when people make perfect sense out of what others take so literally. He was Knowledgable, eloquent & engaging. V/interesting about what he said about the 3rd eye in relation 2 Jesus. Assume this is…"
Apr 27, 2012
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"Wow, all new stuff to me Carmen.  The Goddess Isis had the ability to resurrect the dead & Cleopatra is purportedly the embodiment of Isis. Really interesting info & very much appreciate if you could share the sources of your information. Is some of…"
Apr 12, 2012
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"Funny you mention this Carmen - I have thought of this link with Mary & Cleopatra also.... And I think there is a definite link between Helen of Troy and Cleopatra too.  They have both been referred to as the Daughter of Zeus.
Have just bought The…"
Apr 9, 2012

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