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I'm Reiki Master, Passeur d'ames( i'm passing "souls" to the Light), Medium i was contacted from Light workers ,Ascended Masters and others Cosmic and Galactic brothers, sisters for working with them, i got telepathy with nearly everythig, my life had change alot from 4 years ago, as i knew whom i'm.

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  • I appreciate this connection, Claudia! Namaste and blessings!
  • Gracias, Claudia. Puedo estar de visita en España en algún momento del futuro cercano. Si yo voy a saber. Tenga cuidado. Amor y Luz.
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  • Claudia I am humbled your site looks ever so much better and now readable to all. Its 11.30pm and I have just come in and have to go again mid morning to I would like to leave you with this the Interlaced Heart which is the modified Star of David.I wish you all the best on "Ashtar Command". Ben does a great job keeping it together.

    Light and Love Peace and Harmony. Kingjeff

  •  Thank you Claudia for inviting me to be your friend.

     Something must have prompted you. I decided to view your page and I do confess

     that apart from the pictures anything you have to say has been lost for a long time

     as you should have gold light blue or aqua that contrasts with this heavy violet

     which is on the way out as we are going into the 5th DIMENSION with pastel

     colors. IE Fuschia Lime and Aqua are replacing red yellow and blue which are of the 3rd Dimension. Those who are ready shall be transiting and equally so those who have been teaching us El Morya, St Germain, Paul the Venetian and a hundred more will be moving on up to make way for those of us their understudies so to speak. Thank you for your request of friendship. I honor it accordingly. Light and Love Peace and Harmony Kingjeff.

  • suena supper interesante clau, muchas gracias por compartirlo conmigo, tengo mucho que compartirte tambien, te mando mi mail para que me agregues al msn en inbox y mis datos por si tienes facebook, y asi poder tener mas fluidez en las platicas, te mando un gran beso abrazo y luz. bye clau.,
  • hola clauuu como estas? yo tambien soy de mexico, tengo 22 años y vivo en monterrey pero voy seguido al df y a mas lugares tambien, me gustaria que nos conocieramos, soy actriz de teatro y mi familia tambien es espiritual...ke hay de ti? un beso abrazo amor y mucha luz
  • p style="text-align: left;">

    If Dear Claudia,

    If you would like to join us on the Power Flowersteam Belgium you are most welcome(-:see more on my webspace: http://www.pulmansmagdalena.exto.be/site/index/14319067_Power-Flowe...
    have a nice weekend
  • Merci de me faire parvenir un si joli personnage ! Je pense avoir compris que tu es une anglophone perdue dans notre monde de francophones. en fait nous sommes tous un peu perdus quelque part. Que ta journée te soit bien douce.
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Nov 2, 2020
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Apr 9, 2013
Claudia left a comment on Spain
"Que buena idea usar plantas, lo mas seguro!!!
Gracias por compartir,
Apr 9, 2013
Claudia left a comment for Mar
"Hola Mar, muy buenas tardes/noches aqui en Bélgica, acabo de entrar, tenia muchisimo de no venir,
el anio pasado estuve enseniando espaniol aqui y tuve un anio muy completo con intenso trabajo, de dia y de noche,
como pasador de almas, haciendo…"
Jan 24, 2013

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