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  • Clarisse,


    Desculpe não tinha visto que era Portuguesa. De facto eu não conheço Porto Alto, em que região fica? ou será Porto Salvo que fica na região de Oeiras, perto de Lisboa?


    Para lá da manifestação da "Geração à Rasca" não ouvi referir nada aqui em Portugal.

    Eu vivo perto de Santo Tirso. Mesmo os acontecimentos em Espanha foram apenas aboraos de uma maneira muito subtil e pouco informativa pela TSF.

    Ontem mesmo recebi um vídeo que me foi enviado por um amigo do México que mostra bem a grandeza do que se está a passar em Espanha. Está postado no meu blog - PORTUGUÊS

    um abraço de Luz



  • Clarisse,

    Only yesterday the media referred to what is happening in Spain and they only said Madrid though it is through all Spain.

    I have not heard nothing here in Portugal, but of course that they do not spread volunteerly these news.


    Do you mean Porto Alto (that I do not know) or Porto Salvo that is near Lisbon?

    Please revert.



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i am a young lady, mather of 3, i am a lover of music ,dance, all forms of art, and all forms of life ,practice yoga, painting, handcrafts, dance and music.i am interested in themes like antroposophy, biosophy, psicology, meditation, lightwork, antropology, ancient studys, the galactic federation,and i try in my everydaylife, not to participate in the govermental systems of consumism, selfishness, and total blindness.i love gardening and permaculture, and i am conected with the love energy, i believe so...i love and respect very much the indigenal cultures, and wish deeply for their freedom for they are the true sons of this planet! and cristals and cristalotherapy, in plants also.

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jesus the christ, st germain, rudolph steiner, helena blavatsky, my yoga master, the ameridians and other indigenous cultures and teachings, , plants and cristals my children and most of all mother nature.

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"you  are right. of course if we just sit arround, nothing will happen.wating for things to fall in our lap is not the right way of acheaving  things..we must work on ourselves...train our minds and self discipline.and the ascension i believe, comes…"
Mar 11, 2011
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":-) !!!"
Mar 10, 2011
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"well, i am taking classes in st germains teachings,and they dont talk about aliens being all bad, at all, and they talk about ascencion, prepare hus for it, but most important, yes, the power we have in depends on hus obviously!! ew…"
Mar 10, 2011

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"There is no such thing as unbiased site. Main Stream Media is 100% propaganda. only intuition and discernment are capable of knowing truth"
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