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Dear friend, fellow travelers.

How much has been happening!!

Many are trying to find explanations for what is happening in these final moments of the cycle. I have been thinking a lot about, and came to the conclusion that there is nothing to be explained. Is wide open inside of us, if they leave. We do listend to the divinity that exists within us, awakening or not, it doesn’t matter, because we are all children of the creator. And each one of us is here for a unique and divine purpose: TO BE. The rest doen’t matter!! We all have a divine purpose!!

Beings from other dimensions that are and send us messages are welcome, but we must be wary of the influence that permission may have on our vibration.
That will help us source for all human beings incarnate on this orb can make this beautiful flower blossoming in the form of light that exists in the heart of every one of us, awakening or NO.
A lotus flower!
There are so many people with so much to teach, which many would say that is not awake, because they never heard of MELKISEDEC, Sanat Kumara, Ashtar Sheran ...... I know many of them, and how about you?
Do we cling to another belief, the more a dogma which we are so enslaved to the eons ones ..... must have a free mind, clear and open.
We aren't accommodated, the messages sent .... being true or false, it doesn't matter!

We can't dive into complacency, inertia. Let us find our truths, our answers ..... do our 5th D now, each one of us, within us.
Everyone is waiting for external help from heaven ..... maybe it doesn't come in physical form as people expect, but so what? Do we need this? It is the easiest way, we deserve, we suffer so much, fought so hard for this ....
But ..... I think in fact the beings who inhabit and send messages to other higher dimensions they want and expect from us (and our higher self as well) is that we recognize the divinity existing here .... in our heart and we make that transformation!
Let us stop to waiting for miracles grand, the true miracles happen every second within each of us. May we realize the precious time that we lost in waiting for a savior! You are your savior, as I am mine, just that we do the right choices.
With Love and Light

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