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Work at Apple, like electronics/computers; anything new age/metaphysical ~ Became aware/was introduced to Metaphysics in 1988 by my Beloved cousin Mary: Joined the Ascended Masters Church/Mystery School The Aquarian Foundation in 1990 ~ Founded By Adept Medium Ketih Milton Rhinehart ~ My Personal Master is Sananda. ~ Have seen Triangle ship over Denver about 14-15 years ago-went directly overhead-about 300X300X300 yards in size, black-about the same height up as you would see a news/traffic helicopter. totally silent: totally awesome!-UPDATE: 16July, 2009 also saw a ufo while I was watching planes go by...it was in same flight pattern as the other planes...(heading toward airport) simular color as all the others-about double or triple length and double the thickness(these planes are pretty far away..) I said to myself as it flew steady that if it pauses or goes backwards I'll know it''s a ufo-it kept going across the sky, then I noticed it going up and then it started going faster--higher and higher /faster and faster ...I stood up and it was climbing and climbing almost straight up going about 10x's the speed of normal planes(almost looked like a space shuttle the way it was ascending -but NO cloud plume behind it) I watched it go up and up and up into the atmosphere until it left the atmostphere....

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Jesus, St Germain, Ashtar, Arc Angel Gabriel, etc.....and of course, my Immediate surroundings.

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  • Your picture shows to me that you have a real good positive energy.  Thank you for being my friend.

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  • You Welcome Bro,8113999270?profile=original

  • Titanic in 3d!!!! OMG OMG OMG! lol.  You are so right about the inequality.  THe first time I watched it my parents took me to see it.  When the movie was over I was crying uncontrolably hunched over with my parents staring at me like ?!?!?!?  All I could say was "they didn't have to die".  I was soooo hurt.  I can't even watch the part with the mother holding the baby in the freezing water dying.  I have always been such a sensitive girl :)  Last year I had the opportunity to see the traveling Titanic exhibit, and I managed to not cry that time :) But it was still oh so sad when you actually see the difference in living quarters between the wealthy and the poor.  The Titanic is a symbol of our greed and inability to see the God in everyone of us.

  • and ha ha, I thought I was the only one who really liked "Titanic".  I know every word of it, and I used to watch it every Friday when i was a teenager. Ssshhh

  • thank you for the friendship ChristBearer!! I hope this message finds you in ultimate peace and joy :)



  • Hello ChristBearer


  • Interesting that we both share a passion for Sananda and certainly am a Pleidian though and though!  Thanks for the friend invite.
  • 8113751065?profile=originalFor adding me! I saw the exact same thing, UFO on flight path etc etc !!!
  • Thank you for the invite..look forward to sharing with you. Trust you having a wonderful day. Blessings.
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"Cheers to you and your goal to master this life! Christopher"
Feb 27, 2015
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"Not used to seeing Texans! - Nice! (Though don't know where Mineola is !!! Cheers!"
Mar 13, 2014
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"...can anyone say 'Dubya' and Cheney???...at the head of the line...."
Feb 22, 2012
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"pulp fic; half-baked....sooo coool !!! ha! - havent seen pineapple, but Dave Chappelle show is my #1 Fav! lmao...Ciao"
Dec 15, 2011

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