Plymouth, Devon


October 21



Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Archangel Kamiel, Michael, Raphael, Jesus, Master Cheung, Master Wong, Mantak Chia, Chris Comish & my HigherSelf & to ALL who I have encountered over many lives...

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  • Dearest Chichieun, how are you my love, found this just for you, are you still taking a break, love light and blessings always... Mo xxxxx

  • Dearest Chichieun, I wish you much joy today and always miss you,love,light and blessings, big hugs. xxxx

  • Thank you for your welcome and messages. Lovely joyful welcome my friend :)

    May your day be filled with lovely experiences
  • Chichieun you sweetheart, the pic with this is not great but I mean every word,love,light and blessings always. xxxx

  • Thanks back at ya for your sweet words.

    I hold a balloon and send it off to you
    filled with the air of a blessing.
    Filled with the dreams of all your wishes
    to manifest.
    Filled with the hope that your day brings you peacefulness.
  • missing first line, oooopse
    I feel the light and strum
  • Back at ya with the poem

  • the beautiful instrument of my heart,I vibrated, moving in the energy
    of sound and golden strings.
    I play, for all that surround inside the nights sky.
    I play, for the wanders
    to be guided home to find peacefulness.
    I play, for the moment
    that carries the richness of a thousand dreams.
    And when I am done, I will begin again
    to daintily feel my own truths
    to rise with love.DehKie4A8zP2UTBLtL2j6AxWne0du1Zi4dc821tzjt67JF1j2R55d/2890375290087189455aTWvvz_ph.jpg" alt=""/>

  • Thank you so much - you are very kind. Is there anything I can do in return?
This reply was deleted.
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Nov 2, 2020
Chichieun left a comment on Lady Quan Yin & The Lavender Flame
"Dear AlexanderॐAshan, Thank You Dear Brother for your invite. I accept with Gratitude. Peace and Infinite Blessings of Light and Love from Divine source to YOU on this Beautiful Day...Light , Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun"
Mar 2, 2012
Chichieun left a comment for MGem80
"Dear Emma, How are you keeping there my lovely. Thank You for stopping by. this linear time as we know it is dissolving rapidly. Nearly 2012 already! Are you still down at the gallery? Keep smiling and let those feelings grow into the next stage of…"
Jul 28, 2011
Chichieun left a comment for nevabeta
"Dear nevbeta, I Thank You for your connection and friendship. I am not on FB but if you Google my name you will find me. I hope that you are enjoying the Beautiful Weekend that we are having Dear One...Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are…"
Jul 3, 2011

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Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
She is probably right and giving us a warning against fraudulent messages check @ https://youtu.be/Y44W5GeDtoM
2 hours ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
The cows are not looked after properly with care so the milk they produce has low vibes, energy and taste.Those who have to have cows milk then Organic milk is a better then non organic milk..better then organic milk is ahimsa milk…
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"Sigh. Ok :)"
4 hours ago
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"I'll speak to you some other time....Must go for now...See you...Drekx"
4 hours ago
ez89 left a comment on Comment Wall
"The truth is mighty and will prevail. I like it. I have a tattoo that says "esse quam vidiri""
4 hours ago
ez89 left a comment on Comment Wall
"Id just love the opportunity to talk to some other entity inside my head. Will i ever be able to?

Also im a massive Trekkie, so is my daughter. I have made the committment and watched every episode every series. Love them. All of them. :)"
4 hours ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Well, truth is truth and if you speak it clearly and with confidence, you are being true to yourself...and more importantly, your higher self.....With love, your daughter will understand you well....

Be free with your thoughts and feelings and…"
4 hours ago
ez89 left a comment on Comment Wall
"Cool. That make sense.

Well, Im addicted to the telling the truth. Even if it hurts someones feeling. And i dont mean that in a mean way. I just state thing how things are and most people cannot handle this. I read something once that said, you can…"
4 hours ago