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  • Hi Chichieun!
    May I also invite YOU to our european site

    LOVE 2U2

  • And, I am quite honored that you accepted my offer of friendship. I feel a very strong bond with so many Asians I have met, and probably because of a past incarnation.

    My dear brother, of course, we are ONE. XOXOXOXO
  • Thanks.:)
  • Love Your Video above ~ The Time of Awakening ~ Will share it ;0) !
    Love and Blessings Brother ~ Shine and Spread Your Light !

  • Bless You My Friend ~ Indeed We Are ONE :0) !
  • Thank you too for your care!
    I was looking for a site like this and at last I found YOU!
    I need some love and light in my life because it's difficult for me to find here where I live.When I read the article for Alaje in the magazine, all my questions have been answered and all my voids have been filled.
    Thank you for giving me hope!
    I don't feel "strange" for my beliefs any more.
    Please excuse my English.I haven't use them here in Athens for a long time!
  • WoW....Thank You So Much For Your Kind and Loving words :)

  • Hi thank you for the contact and the light. I send you similar in return- may you find all you desire in these times

  • Dear Chichieun thank you very much for your warm welcome
    We are all one...
    light and love
  • Dear Chichieun
    I don't know how to express my feelings but it is so great that i can meet many teachers here~
    Love and Light

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Plymouth, Devon


October 21



Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Archangel Kamiel, Michael, Raphael, Jesus, Master Cheung, Master Wong, Mantak Chia, Chris Comish & my HigherSelf & to ALL who I have encountered over many lives...

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Nov 2, 2020
Chichieun left a comment on Lady Quan Yin & The Lavender Flame
"Dear AlexanderॐAshan, Thank You Dear Brother for your invite. I accept with Gratitude. Peace and Infinite Blessings of Light and Love from Divine source to YOU on this Beautiful Day...Light , Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun"
Mar 2, 2012
Chichieun left a comment for MGem80
"Dear Emma, How are you keeping there my lovely. Thank You for stopping by. this linear time as we know it is dissolving rapidly. Nearly 2012 already! Are you still down at the gallery? Keep smiling and let those feelings grow into the next stage of…"
Jul 28, 2011
Chichieun left a comment for nevabeta
"Dear nevbeta, I Thank You for your connection and friendship. I am not on FB but if you Google my name you will find me. I hope that you are enjoying the Beautiful Weekend that we are having Dear One...Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are…"
Jul 3, 2011

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    You Are A White Fire Seed Atom Of All That Is ByRonna Herman & Archangel Michael Beloved masters, in the very beginning, each of you were one of the Holy Innocent Ones, a brilliant Spark of the Supreme Creator. When it came your turn to…
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Check out the other 6 videos in Kaia Ra's series "7 Days With Mother Mary" with this link:
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