Plymouth, Devon


October 21



Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Archangel Kamiel, Michael, Raphael, Jesus, Master Cheung, Master Wong, Mantak Chia, Chris Comish & my HigherSelf & to ALL who I have encountered over many lives...

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  • Thankyou my friend!
    Feel like Ive come home!
    In love and light.
    CJ x
  • Hi Chi......nice to meet you here on our journey together. What do you do while you're ascending? I'm a 6strand straight wire f/t farm fencer on a 30 000acre property in 3D land but in my infinite learning schedule I'm working on the interelativity of all relationships and how they represent every other thing, being or wisdom that is available to the investigating entity........it's mindblowing now that our minds are less of a tool than they used to be. It's kind of funny now that we are in the end stages of this era how intimately interwoven everything is becoming as we enter the next learning sphere. Love+laughter to you from the southern hemisphere...Zeer
  • Thank you for your kind words and support Yes I am exploring I find once I have experience one aspect of journey I am already for the next. I have been told many times that my own understanding is on such a higher level, that I get taught from source. In the early days they used guides but as my development continued at a rate new information got delayed as the questions and my answers had to be viewed and digested. I dont claim to be a know it all neither do I feel my ego taking over. For a couple of times I challenged source and they agreed that ego can get everywhere. In my small way I am trying to make a difference I am just one piece of a large jigsaw puzzle so without all the other pieces it cant yet be complete so I seek and I look waiting for the next piece. Thank you again for your beautiful words and pictures Annielise
  • Wishing you a great weekend !

  • Chichieun, thank you for your friendship! Great pictures, by the way.
  • Hello Chichieun,
    I lived in Bigbury for nearly 30 years, but now I am in Buxton (Derbyshire), the highest town in England, where the well-known spring water is bottled. Buxton is a spiritual place, full of flowing energy. Blessings, love and light... Aurora
  • Thank you, Chichieun, for your kind comment.
    I notice you are from my previous locality, Plymouth.
    I used to live just off Mutley Plain,efore I moved to Bigbury.
    Blessings, love and light...
  • Thank You very much,Chichieun!You are very Bright and Loving Soul!I much appreciate Your effort an beeing so nice and friendly!I will look up to Your link soon,as Atlantis is one of my main interests...:)
    Love and Piece!
  • Greetings and thank you for the friendship!
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Nov 2, 2020
Chichieun left a comment on Lady Quan Yin & The Lavender Flame
"Dear AlexanderॐAshan, Thank You Dear Brother for your invite. I accept with Gratitude. Peace and Infinite Blessings of Light and Love from Divine source to YOU on this Beautiful Day...Light , Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun"
Mar 2, 2012
Chichieun left a comment for MGem80
"Dear Emma, How are you keeping there my lovely. Thank You for stopping by. this linear time as we know it is dissolving rapidly. Nearly 2012 already! Are you still down at the gallery? Keep smiling and let those feelings grow into the next stage of…"
Jul 28, 2011
Chichieun left a comment for nevabeta
"Dear nevbeta, I Thank You for your connection and friendship. I am not on FB but if you Google my name you will find me. I hope that you are enjoying the Beautiful Weekend that we are having Dear One...Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are…"
Jul 3, 2011

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"Simple in actions and in thoughts, You return to the SOURCE of being. Simplicity in thought is a sign of…"
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"I am very glad to post this for if all follow this menu then all will be healthy and happy"
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"Here this change to this set menu is required for all to follow as its wholesome and nutritious and tasty"
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Be it : Hare Krishna TempleSwaminaryian Temple Jalaram Temple Hindu Temples Sikh Temples Buddhist Temples VEDIC VEGAN MENU: ( where possible use organic ingredients ) Rice ( Tilda Basmati)Roti ( Chapaties)Dall ( Lentils)Subghi ( mixed vegetables in…
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