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  • thanks for the friendship charlie..and an apology from me too..i have not been on here for a long time and i'm sorry for not being able to speak sooner, lot of clearing being done, lot of growing, i am not complaining though, i am glad to do it for all of us and i am happy..

    by the way, i think your rainbow cardie is smashing

    love and light to you

    ali :)

  • Miles of dolphin smiles from my heart beloved Charlie. It is nice to see you again. Pure bliss in comfort and wisdom at the special time.

  • Sending you my love . in abundance !

  • Great !!! :) Charlie .. I sense u might like this short vid !!!!


    Lotus LOVE back at ya :) RJK
  • Hei charlie thanks for the unity ~~~:-)))

    lets spread the light in unity for humanity ~~~:-))

    Namasté ~~~:-)))

  • Thank you Charlie for ur friend request :) I have one of the very same hats u r wearing in ur avatar :) ... <3 RJK
  • Wonderful art work dear Charlie, sending you tooobject width="425" height="344">
  • It is mygreat pleasure feel your kindness energy again dearly loved Charlie.

  • Hello dear thank you for the
    friend request and the messege you left
    I wish you the same only the best of wishes :)
This reply was deleted.
Charlie left a comment for akashic reader
"Hi Akashic Reader.......Glad to see you back on circuit, hoping that writing has progressed well and that your universal batteries are recharged.......love and light, Charlie"
Aug 30, 2010
Charlie left a comment for Vicky♥♥♥
"Hi Vie Ra.........Because your one of these!.........your old friend, Charlie"
Jun 15, 2010
Charlie left a comment for Sydney Brobjorg
"Open your rainbow heart eternally.......peace of the lotus, Charlie"
Jun 14, 2010
Charlie commented on Amira-Ankhesenamen's photo
"Nice Pearls sweetheart.......may the oceans gems give up their secrets of divine love to you.......Charlie"
Jun 13, 2010

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