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July 1

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Physicist, Psychologist, Mathematician, crazy-person, musician.

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  • Well, to be honest, and I'm sorry to say this, but I don't trust your perception on relativity, or on anything for that matter. Not simply because of your admitted use of drugs which cloud your clarity and presence, but because you have proved over and over your closed mindedness, and lack of in depth study, into things you don't believe in.

    Do you think I was born a believer of anything? You think I haven't spent my whole life, since I could read, delving into subjects like these? You really think I'm dumb enough to make a judgment on something I have little knowledge of, like you with religion, for instance? The answer is, NO, I'm not that stupid!

    I already told you, I've experienced and had successes with things like telepathy and mind reading. I know it's real, you won't convince me otherwise. I've had experiences with ghosts and spirits, in fact my whole family has, you won't convince us otherwise. I have studied the subjects of paranormal, ETs, Ascension, and spirituality enough, to understand the true reality of it, plus it is what my heart and intuition tells me is true. No amount of dismissals and denials from you is going to convince me otherwise? Why? Because I KNOW BETTER!

    With that said, I will bid you adieu, while leaving you with these parting words. One of these days, and you mark these words good, one of these days, you have to acknowledge the true reality of all these things I mentioned. You will have to acknowledge you were wrong. And I want you to come back here, and issue an apology to everyone here, and acknowledge your acknowledgment of being wrong. You better get ready for it, because it's going to happen. And I bet it's going to happen sooner, rather than later.
  • Greetings Celestino, thanks for the friendship, much appreciated! :)



  • I've been pondering your thoughts on the triangles...there are many who work with the energy grids of the Earth so it makes great sense that you would relate them...have you ever looked into more information on the energy grids, maybe you are called to work with them.
  • Love and Light!

  • hi Celestino...i liked the Celestine Prophecy too..very good read... :)
    i also recommend if u havent seen in video, the presentations by Ian Lungold:
    "Mayan Calendar Comes North", and "The Mayan Calendar - The Evolution Continues",
    on how the Mayans were viewing our world, and that their calendars were counting time by the evolution process of our consciousness and not by days or years...
  • My whole life it has been triangles, drawing and doodling them over and over, creating designs that look like mandalas, circles, and the pattern 1, 1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2, 1 which I used to recite to myself when I was a kid. I also pick up sounds that sound like musical words but they don't make sense. haaa, this is the first time for me ever telling someone all that so don't laugh. ;)
  • Hello Daniel, thank you for the friend request. Thank you for writing the truth. I have a difficult time writing down my experiences, they happen as energy, color and shapes...I don't have a translation for them yet. Have a great week.
  • Hi there! Lovely to become your friend!
    Quite busy here at the moment. I am involved in a team to prevent earthquakes with our human energies and intuition (GIRA project), and we 'll have to start up a worldwide project where all people with good intentions can be involved. Yesterday, we had a fist meeting. I 'm responsible for the website. I am still looking for good pictures to use on our website. The pictures have to be:
    a) or shamans at work
    b) unity/oneness/love for the earth
    c) nature, animals, sort of spirit thing like: visualise the tree, feel the tree, become the tree.
    Who is the founder of the project? A shaman who is called Gino Ratinckx. He is also a archeologist, engineer, astronom and geo-biologist. He cannot do everything alone, so that is why we started up a core group, and in future we 'll need probably in every country a GIRA group. Gino has the ability to measure with his intuition and with professional devices the magnetic field of the earth. Together with other shamans, he goes to restore broken energy lines of the earth, eg: tental lines (sort of metal in the earth). All lines in the earth are reflected above in our air. If a line is broken, eg: the copper line, it can disturbe or balance. He also stopped the vulcano of Iceland. At the moment, he still is a unknown hero. Patrick Geryl has used his knowledge to write a book,but made a very frightening story of it. While Gino & the Gira team is of the opinion we have to pick up our personal responsabilities and use the God-power in us to heal the earth.
    Ok, so, I am responsible for the website start up.
    Please, help me! Do send me clear bright pictures if you have them, pictures that are royalty free and useful on our website! Most shamans work alone. Gino works with shamans, but never takes someone with him to make a movie or pictures....
    We'll let the whole Ashtar crew know when the website is ready!

    Love, light, peace and oness! And thank you in front!


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Celestino left a comment for John Jancar
"Einstein used the concept of spacetime in general relativity which, as a whole, represents all of space and time. He did recognize however that we occupy an infinitesimal slice of spacetime, the present. Time travel into the past is not allowed by…"
Jun 6, 2011
Celestino replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion ASCENSION: WHAT IS ASCENSION.....Clearly Explained
"The art and music were beautiful in this video. Bravo."
Jun 5, 2011
Celestino left a comment for John Jancar
"---make intuitive sense in that the positive mass energy of the Universe cancels with the negative gravitational potential energy. Meaning we are what nothing looks like locally. Nothing becoming nothing has no qualm.
Science is not a dogmatic…"
Jun 5, 2011
Celestino left a comment for John Jancar
"Hahaha, you are poorly misinformed my friend. In fact, the proportionality ratio of Universal expansion is named the Hubble constant due to his discover of the singularity. It is why he became famous.
Ah, I've watched his videos. I've read his…"
Jun 5, 2011

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