September 8

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34 years old from Caracas - Venezuela. Have been living in Iceland for some years (I´m married with an Icelander :-) and we have a beautiful baby, her name is Ingibjörg Carmen. I´m easy going, love to travel, meet new people and new cultures and share experiences. I´m currently studying Icelandic at the University of Iceland and also taking care of my baby girl. I´m a healer and also work with a group of people helping Mother Earth (we work with Crystals and portals) I´m looking forward for a time humanity and Earth are in harmony.

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  • Welcome Caryna,

    To the Ashtar Command on Earth within the great forces of Love.

    ou are now also invited to the Ashtar Galactic Command Ning USA Global Sister site below aswell .
    Ashtar Galactic Command
    Uniting Our Star Family Ground Crew.On Spiritual Mission To Earth. A Community Of Lightworkers Co- Creating Heaven on Earth.Welcome Home
  • Gracias por tu amistad, besos infinitos donde estesss¡¡¡
  • Thank you for the kind welcome. Beautiful baby to say the least, sounds like we both enjoy working with portals and healing our mother. Best of luck in school.
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Caryna Gladys Bolivar Serge posted a video
Nov 2, 2020
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Regina MeredithConscious Media Networkhttp://www.cmn.tv/March 12, 2011 My heart is in my stomach as I read the news headlines of the devastation in Japan as I am reminded of the Edgar Cayce prophecy in which he stated “the greater portion of Japan…
Mar 12, 2011
Caryna Gladys Bolivar Serge replied to JASON's discussion <a href="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/index.html">http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/index.html</a>
"I think David Icke is enjoying this one!"
Mar 6, 2010
Caryna Gladys Bolivar Serge replied to Barron's discussion Cheney taken inside S-4 to view flying saucers &amp; EBE bodies
Dec 7, 2009

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"Well some need to wake up and accept the fact"
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They may have been for ages watch video @ https://youtu.be/XlQYDy5Wc-0
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One to watch and make your own decisions @https://youtu.be/_YlPx0-ebVU
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"Elon: “The Twitter Files on free speech suppression soon to be published on Twitter itself. The public deserves to know what really happened…”"
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"@Hellen. Yes! Thank you for sharing. Eternal gratitude to you."
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"Everyday the souls of humanity continue to leave the planet earth for thousands of years they first go to the astral realms and some do reincarnate to other places including our planet earth and to the higher planes but theses places are protected…"
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Very interesting..watch 3 videos on this subject:https://soulheartjourney.com/lemuria-and-atlantis/
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